An inbetween projects project that got a bit too much attention. It's not that long, so enjoy it for what it is!
This is a follow up to Rudolf's Revenge. What will happen?

Thanks a lot to FallowWing who helped me code this thing. He did a great job.

Rating: 4.43
Votes: 316
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credits: Rock Candy & FallowWing

Uploaded 15th of December 2019 - 20:52 | Download
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YoI like the new flash but I think that you should have text cards like in the first Rudolphs revenge. I think it needs more vocals and he needs me more slutty words. I love going back to Rudolphs revenge over and over to hear her say new things
Does anybody know if she has a voiceline begging to get pregnant? I've been through all the endings once, but didn't hear it.
Puzzle solution for the lazy

Dark Red, Blue, Green, Light Red, Yellow, Black, White, Brown, Purple
Amazing game loving the series. I hope Part 3 has male x male action like the last one
Gonna be honest... I fucking love Ellie's voice. I never knew I wanted her to sound like this until now. As if finally having a new Ellie-focused animation wasn't already reason enough to like this. Lol
Your stuff is always great and it was well worth the wait. Happy new year to you!
red,blue,green,pink,yellow,black,white,brown,purple. Secret ending.
No blowjob in this flash?
Am i the only one who animation it's working with slow fps?
Ellie's voice is simply fantastic
How to see each ending

1/3 ending: don't proceed puzzle.
2/3 ending: proceed until the vagina starts to like.
3/3 ending: proceed until complete puzzle.

How to proceed puzzle

Each cock have a name. If you click "yo!" (top right) while anal fuck the "yo! mode" starts (vagina fuck to pregnant and each xmas balls have marks of cock name). If you click ball of current cock the ball shines (it's a progress). Wrong click crack ball, wrong again break it (can't complete puzzle). Does it until vagina starts to like (2/3 ending) or complete all balls (3/3 ending).
Link to music?
So I have shifted into a timeline where Rockcandy girls are not only taking it in the vagina but getting knocked up? Think i'll stay a while lol. Hope the eventual zoophilia flash has this easter egg too. Flash might be dying but your sending it out with a bang RC.
worth the wait
Yeah so basically to get the second and last ending you have to first click the yo on the right corner with every reindeer and when the decorations will get pictures on them click the one corresponding with the current reindeer. If you answer incorrectly 2 times on the same decoration it will break but if you answer correctly it will light up. Do it with every reindeer.
Idk if it's just me, but after downloading multiple times after the loading screen completes the swf stays green.
Do you go into Yo! mode when you just click the nails in the top right? Nothing's supposed to change initially?

And when do you click the balls in order? When each of the reindeer is fucking her? Just as he inserts? As he's cumming?
The Yo! is in the top-right corner, made of nails.
wheres the yo?
I knew I heard this music before its a remix of winters from Earthbound, great choice. Perfect song for a perfect flash.
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