Since the Lollo flash is so delayed, here's a somewhat finished version of Zara's scene in my upcoming farm project. As you can see, it's the old April's Fools flash, but with a new paint and some added features! Most importantly, she doesn't look ugly as sin anymore.

Anyway, this isn't the finished version. There's a few bugs in there, some timing issues and a few other things that can be improved once I come back to it. Sound effects are missing, as well as other features, the menues will not look like this in the final version. Keep this in mind. Otherwise, it's playable!

Oh yeah, and there's no pre-loader, so it might take a while for it to load in properly! Try reloading if things seem broken.

Rating: 4.4
Votes: 205
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credits: Rock Candy

Uploaded 10th of April 2018 - 00:15 | Download
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What is this music, it is fantastic!
This is awesome work. I can't wait to see the finished product! Love the second cum scene where she reacts. Beautimus.
Can someone please record this and post it somewhere, i don't have my computer i really need to see this.
I also love the detail of her ass Gapping after you pull out.
Damn this is a great improvement. especially with the bulge and inflation. just wish we could cum in her again to inflate her even more.
this is really good, love the extra bulging :3 cant wait for more :D
Literally just a better looking/voiced version of his old April fools animation, hope there is more to it.
id love to know what that music is its great
redHyacinth wrote:
Oh, it wasn't ugly, man! I'm waiting for a Zu parth first, but it looks just great! ^_^ And good sound, music and really good voice!
Zu? I mean Zoo - Sofi.)
Oh, it wasn't ugly, man! I'm waiting for a Zu parth first, but it looks just great! ^_^ And good sound, music and really good voice!
I prefer see pussy get her pregnant
Anal :(
i absolutely love this flash, reminds me of your aprils fools flash, loved that one too so to have a better newer verision is great!
Nice flash RC, but why do you allow pll using racist word? i'm a big fan but N-word jokes or what ever gat to go.....
Feels Bad, no callback to the old April Fools version.
it looks awesome, looking forwad to the full game
nigger wrote:
KiraShiki wrote:
nigger wrote:
absolutely degenerate.
Yet here you are, on this website, knowing the stuff that's here...I'm getting mixed signals from you.
here's a signal. this entire website is degenerate and so are you.
Back to the cotton fields
Needs a layer to crush levels and color of the background so the foreground pops out more. That or just blur/desaturate background thats my only crit
nice, the voice actor is sexy. good job dude.
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