A short loop commission I made. I don't usually do commissions, but I kinda promised this one guy this three years ago or something, so now it's finally done and over with, hoahoa!

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credits: Rock Candy

Uploaded 5th of September 2017 - 12:19 | Download
make tentacle go down her throat
where is wrote:
okay, i give up, where is the yo?
Does RC still do yos anymore? I think the last flash with hidden scenes was rudolphs revenge
She deserves a dp.
okay, i give up, where is the yo?
Can you make it go all the way through and out her bum
awesome but needs more stuff
How much. I'll pay double.
I love it but the leg proportions are off, the calves are too small.
Is there a alien do this to her?
Wow so smooth. And I never expected to see Kitty Katswell make an appearance on this site again. Neat.
Great stuff! I also think the leg extending things hot.
And dat throat bulge! Great stuff.
Super hot, really like who girls try to fully extend their legs when things happen like this. And such force, very hot stuff.