"Hallie Gwen having a blast with Sofi, she seemed a little scared at first but... ohh who im kidding, she was very scared of that striped dong! At first it wasn't so big, but then Hallie said something like "Let's make things a little more interesting..." and then that big striped thing started to grow and grow inside Sofi and well, yeah that's how she ended up!"

BTW, the black and white striped penis is in fact her panties that are under a "spell". She can make her panties transform into a dick of any size she wants.

^^GBlastMan's comment^^

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Zeney91 wrote:
Who is this Hallie Gwen? What is she from?
Character of GBlastman.
Who is this Hallie Gwen? What is she from?
Definitely, she got what she deserve, jajaja
More! We. Want. More!
If i could fave this picture i would break the fave button.... .///."
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