Louise Johansson
The corrupted ghost of a mountain climbing woman.

•Full Name: Louise "Lollo" Johansson

•Theme Song: Red Skies of Thunder

•Age before death: 35

•Height: ~1.75 meters

•Weight before death: 81 kg

•Birthday: 1886/October/13

•Eye Color: Yellow

•Hair Color: Red

•Favorite set of clothes:
Due to being a ghost, Louise's image projects what she remembers wearing the last time she was alive. But since she's got more control over herself with the wand, she can choose how she wants to look like. She doesn't feel heat or cold, so she seldom bothers to add anything else to what she's used to.

There's not much to it, but here's the details:

A yellow winterhat.
While it can be stretched down over her head, Louise doesn't like when it covers her ears when not necessary. This is why she rolls it up and keeps it on the top of her head. It might look a bit silly, but she prefers to hear what other people are saying.

A yellow minimizer bra.
Since having a flat form was popular during the 1880's, this is what she wore regurarly.

Yellow panties.
Ordinary panties that matches her bra color.

•Breast size:
Shapely and tender.

Louise resides within an old run down house which she lived in when she was still alive. It's located in Granköping. The only reason it's still standing is Louise's presence.

None, she's deceased.

Before death, Louise was a pretty cheerful and nice woman, for the most part. She could be a tad excentric about her interests and would often get laughed at for showing off. But as long as she was enjoying herself, she didn't care what other people thought. Louise strived to get better at things and often wanted to push her limits. She could be a bit playful as well.

Louise could also be a bit cocky and boastful around her female acquaintances, as she did not grow up in the same enviroment as the cityfolk. It made her feel a bit like an outsider. However, she dared to do things and stand up for herself in ways that her friends were unable to. She could some signs of being bossy, which was not always appreciated.

She cared a lot about her friends and family, and always tried to support them in their activities if she could. Altough she felt that she didn't get the same treatment from them, she hoped that they would do, some day.

After her death, she changed drastically. Her care for family and friends faded, and was replaced by a strong feeling of vengeance.

While keeping her playful and boastful traits, her caring and cheerful side faded. Now she is a sneaky, dishonest and perverted woman. It is unwise to trust her words, but you can never be sure whether or not she's speaking the truth. It does not help that she can be very goofy and teasing.

She is very wicked, and seldom plays fair. Playing mind games with people is like second nature to her. She feels no remorse for killing people, instead she laughs and enjoys seeing people struggling to keep alive. Altough her bloodlust is not that strong, she likes to surprise and make people feel awkward or scared.

Surprisingly, she has adapted to modern times quite well. She has read papers, listened to radio, watched TV to rid herself of boredom.

Louise is a troublemaker, and she loves to test and torment people, both mentally and physically. She herself loved to test her limits when she was alive, and now she's having fun watching other people testing their limits. However, her way of testing limits are very wicked.

She'll find a remote area and modify it into a mazelike structure with the magic in her wand. Then she fills the maze with various traps, tricks and monsters. She then picks out people at random and takes them to the maze to watch them try to escape the maze. There's only one exit, but several routes leading to it. To add some extra motivation, she might place a prize of some sort at the end of it.

Louise doesn't care whether or not the participants survive or die in the maze, she just enjoys to watch people suffer through it. If they manage to get out, she'll let them go.

When building a maze, Lollo herself has to test them by playing the role of the victim. Since she's a ghost, she doesn't need to worry about getting mauled.

Before Louise passed away, she enjoyed cooking, dancing and hiking. Cooking, because she became a bit of a gourmet after marrying Hjalmar. Before she cooked all of her food herself, but now she could afford to buy more and expensive ingredients, so she had a lot more to work with. Louise liked to experiment in the kitchen, and often made their house-maid join her. While she did never have time to become very great, many of her dishes was still delicious and enjoyed by everyone in the household.

Louise quite enjoyed dancing and music as well, and would often go out dancing if there was events in town. In the last years of her life, she was very excited about her very own gramophone. She could now enjoy music in her very own house whenever she wanted, which she thought was amazing.

Louise was quite a nature lover, and loved to explore areas around her not touched by humans yet. Many thought it was unfit for her, but she was not the woman who could be held back by words alone. She had a lot of nature knowledge, most learnt from nature itself and experience rather from books.

All of that came to an end with her untimely death, and she's mostly forgotten about her past interests now. She's been watching the world around her evolve, and she has been adapting with the time as well.

She now likes making and watching other people being upset. The more negative a situation turns out, the more she will enjoy it.

She is quite perverse as well. She's been known to molest, seduce and even rape other people, in various ways. Her favorite kink is spanking, both giving and recieving, due to her childhood where she was often spanked as punishment for being disobeying. As she reached adulthood, it turned into a sexual play of dominance and submission.

Louise also likes high voltage electricity, as well as thunder and lightning storms, probably because the energy it produces. She can extract additional energy from it.

Louise was not the girl who enjoyed taking orders. Thus she was often seen getting scolded and beat when younger. It still upset her during her adulthood.

After she passed away and got a hold of the wand, her dislikes and negative personality traits were brought forward and was strengthened. This turned her into a whole different person.

Louise does not like it when people intrude into her home. Therefore, she makes sure to give anybody who enters her home a good scare.

She doesn't like when people are having a good time together. If she happens to stumble across such a scenario, she just might do something to ruin the mood.

•Favorite Food:
Louise has no need to eat, but thanks to the wand, she can create a functional body to possess and taste things once again.

However, she is especially fond of spicy dishes.

•Favorite Animal:
Bunny. She likes them because they're small and cute and fluffy.

•Important/Dear items:
The magic wand.
The whole reason to why Loiuse became like she is. If left too long without it, she'll turn back into her normal ghost-self, and hopefully rest in peace. But as long as she has it, the wand will keep her corrupted and powerful.

•Goal in death:
While not really alive, she spends her time nowadays doing mean-spirited things towards other people. She does not have a specific goal in mind.

Louise does not have relationships with anyone, as she's a mean-spirited ghost. This makes her feel a tad lonely sometimes, so she makes up for it by kidnapping people from time to time.

However, she did have family and close friends before she died.

Her full name was Britta Ringström, and was Louise's closest friend. They knew each other from childhood, and Louise's interest in mountain hiking rubbed off on her. Britta began to join Louise on easier hikes and eventually she became experienced enough to follow along on more harder outings. She was a bit weaker than Louise, but made up for it by being very orderly. She always double checked their equipment and resources, which saved them from trouble many times during their adventures. They were very open to each other, and would talk about dreams, future plans and personal troubles. Britta had a lot of insecurity problems due to some nasty scars on her face and chest from an incident in her early childhood, which tends to put off people she met and it made it harder for her to befriend other people and make good impressions. Therefore, she was very happy to have Louise as her friend, as Louise was not put off by her looks.

Her husband Hjalmar:
Hjalmar Johansson was the man Louise was married to for around 9 years before the accident. He's 6 years older than Louise. Hjalmar had dirt blond hair, blue eyes and was often seen clad in grey. He was a wealthier man, who became attracted to Louise because of her beauty and cheerful personality. Hjalmar became successful in winning her heart, and they married not soon after. They quickly became with child, and so a year later their baby was born. Hjalmar and Louise loved and stood up for each other to the end, even though they differed in many questions and subjects. Hjalmar was heartbroken when Louise was reported missing. He never found out what happened to her.

Her daughter Dagny:

Dagny grew up with a rather tough attitude, probably because of Louise's determined personality. Even though she was only eight years old when her mother disappeared, she still showed many signs of Louise's influence. The house-maid was in charge of taking care of her for most of her upbringing, until her father remarried years later. Not much is known about where she went after moving away from home.

The Johansson's house-maid. She was hired to do the chores that Louise could or would not keep up with. Only a few years younger than Louise, they became good companions. Doris took over the caring for Dagny when Louise disappeared.

•Skills/Special Abilities:
Louise's source of power and magic is the wand she's always carrying with her. It's filled with magic power, which needs to be charged up if used too much. Only catpeople can use it, but due to an incident hundreds of years ago, it fills them with hatred towards normal people. This feeling of anger would slowly fade if they stayed away from the wand. Louise, being a ghost, was much more vulnerable to this anger and was unable to let go of it.

As Louise is a spiritual being, she can store energy inside herself, which is why she was affected so easily. If she was to let go off or lose the wand, the magic power would still reside in her spirit form, altough weakened. As mentioned above, it takes some time before the affected person will return to normal, but for Louise it will take much longer than for a living human. If she loses it, she'd try to get it back as fast as possible. Otherwise she'd lose her magic powers and eventually, her mind would be ridden of the curse and she would turn back to a normal ghost, something her corrupted self does not want to happen.

With the wand, she can easily change from invisible to visible and vice verca. She can also use the wand to create a human body for her to possess, which makes it easier/possible to speak, eat, carry things, have sex etc, but cannot pass through objects or walls. Creating the body takes up a lot less power and effort than interacting with people and objects in her ghost form. The wand cannot pass through walls, unlike her ghost form. Neither can it be transformed into a ghostlike state, even with magic, so Louise is forced to find or create a hole for the wand to go through in such situations. Sometimes she forgets this, which can quickly make her start panicking if she drops it and cannot immediatly locate it. Since her magic power is very weak with out the wand, she is forced to save it for absolute emergencies. On a side note, if she discards the body, it will disappear within seconds.

Louise can disguise and transform herself into almost anything if needed, including manipulating her size, changing her voice and growing extra limbs. This is because she lacks a proper body. Though, most things she creates tend to have a tint of red. Due to the massive amount of energy it takes, she tends to hold back on it, especially since she probably already spent most of the power on her mazes already.

Speaking of which, Louise can with the wand's help create monsters and/or people out of pure magic. However, they are not everlasting, and will disappear depending on how much magic power was put into the creation. More magic means longer "life" length. Like transforming, creating takes a lot, if not even more, power from the wand.

A mix of these monsters and transformed animals can be found in her mazes as well; she spends a lot of her magic power to hold her mazes open for long periods of time.

The magic wand has a limit of how much power can be used at once, and seeing as how the wand's creations and alterations are not everlasting, it can be very hard to keep a long distance plan running. Used power will not return to the wand when the time runs out, so it must be left to charge after heavy use, which can take up to several months if not careful. The recharge time is much more slower than usage time. Louise hates this very much, as she is unable to do anything but wait in ghost form or at best human form for this time if she wants to get her mazes back up and running for longer than a couple of days.

•If You Could Have Three Wishes?:
Wish 1: "I wish I had technology and equipment like these when I was alive!"
Wish 2: "I wish to see you try to escape my maze!"
Wish 3: "I wish you could see your own face after I'm done with you!"

•Random & Miscellaneous Facts:
1. Originally, Louise was simply an evil magician. I found the concept boring and misfit, so I discarded her pretty quickly. She was later rediscovered and remade into a ghost for reasons I can not remember.
2. Louise was also supposed to be a direct antagonist for the four main catgirls. Seeing as all of them are normal people rather than heroes, Louise was reworked into the indirect villian we have today.
3. Louise originally also had a little cathead symbol attached to her tail.
4. Louise's underwear were originally just a bunch of scarf-like clothes tied around her body. She also had shoes.
5. Louise's biggest turn on is spanking. Can't be easy to be the reciever considering the circumstances. A spank can turn her from bloodthirsty to lustfilled.
6. Louise's remains have yet to be found.

Louise was born and raised on a farm near a small town in north Sweden. She was the only child in her working-class family and lived near a forest where she would often play, either alone or with other kids. Louise was much more interested in exploring than the other kids, so she would often talk them into going deeper into the woods. Sometimes accidents would happen and she would get scolded and beat if she got home late, but it never discouraged her from continuing her exploring ways.

Her best explorer friend turned out to be a girl named Britta, who's face and chest had been scarred from an accident where she wound up under a horse's hoof. Louise pitied her as she saw her being left out and sometimes bullied, and decided to befriend her. Britta was very timid, and would follow most of Louise's orders and actions.

She went to school like everyone else. While her grades were nothing to brag about, she was by no means stupid. Her mind was just elsewhere most of the time. Louise mostly accompanied the local boys' gang, as she thought the girls were too boring. While at first she had a hard time being accepted by them, receiving many harsh words and often being put as a scapegoat, she managed to get a place in their group after being deemed worthy.

When she was old enough, Louise found a job as a cashier at a local tobacco store. While she didn't smoke herself, it was a decent job with decent pay. This also turned out to be where she first met Hjalmar a few years later, who were visiting Louise's hometown on a business trip.

Louise was in her early twenties when Hjalmar walked into the store. He thought Louise was very beautiful, so he attempted to charm her into going on a date with him. Normally, Louise would decline, but there was something about this man that made her think twice. So when Louise got off work, they went to a restaurant. They got along very well, and they continued to see each other during his stay. The day before he had to leave, he pleaded for Louise to move with him to his hometown. Seeing her chance to see the world and hook up with a nice looking man, she accepted his offer.

She said goodbye to her parents and friends, and left the next day. At first, Louise didn't feel comfortable with the lifestyle and rules of the high class that Hjalmar was used to, but it slowly grew on her. She kept contact with her friends and family through letters and telephone.

At age 26, Louise and Hjalmar married. A year later, Louise birthed their first and only daughter. Hjalmar hired a housemaid, Doris, to help out with chores and babysitting. Louise felt very restricted taking care of her baby all day long, so Doris' help was needed. With a bigger budget, Louise could now travel further across Sweden and sometimes even travel to other countries with Hjalmar.

This only helped to strengthen Louise's interest in hiking and climbing, as she could explore new places in these foreign countries, although often with a guide and another group of tourists. While this was good enough on its own, Louise felt like it took away from the experience of finding things on her own.

This was the main reason why she decided to climb Kebnekaise without a guide. The other was because people laughed at the idea of a woman climbing a mountain without the assistance of a man.

In the summer of 1922, Louise and her friend Britta traveled to Kebnekaise where they spent a night in a cottage built for curious and experienced mountain hikers. The next morning while they double checked their equipment and provisions, they got ridiculed and laughed at by the men in the cabin. Upset, Louise and Britta left the cottage, hoping to make history as the first two female mountain hikers to successfully climb Kebnekaise alone.

The beautiful scenery and sunrise soon eased up the duo, and they were laughing and conversing heartily as they made their way up the mountain. Perhaps due to this, they at some point strived off their planned path and didn't notice until it was too late. They were lost. Louise wasn't too bothered though, she'd been lost before. With the weather looking good and with the equipment they had, they should be able to find their way back easily. For now, they took a break and ate some food.

While the two women munched on some cold roast beef, a couple of boiled eggs and drank some red wine, they started to open up to each other a bit. They became more relaxed, and once they were done, they attempted to get back on track again. Louise felt like something was calling out to her as they wandered around the vast mountain, a feeling that only grew stronger as they continued on. Britta noticed Louise kept going off track, and finally confronted her and asked what was wrong.

Louise explained the feeling she was getting, but Britta felt nothing at all. With some persuasion, Louise managed to get Britta follow her to the direction she felt the calling came from. They didn't walk far before they wound up near a small crevasse. Louise, curious as to what was making her feel this way, stepped a bit too close to the edge and a few loose rocks made her lose balance. Britta jumped forward to grab onto Louise's arms, but it only resulted in both of them falling down the crevasse.

Louise hit a rock sticking out of the wall, sending her tumbling and spinning down until she hit the ground with a thud. Britta on the other hand, managed the fall with some bruises. She immediately made her way to Louise, who was lying on her side, writhing in pain. She could only gasp sharply when Britta asked where she was hurt. Britta removed Louise's backpack as carefully as she could so that Louise could lay down on her back, but Louise screamed out in pain as she did.

Britta fumbled to unbutton Louise's coat and remove her clothing to see how badly damaged she is and to make it easier for her to breathe. However, the damages are all internal and Britta can’t do anything to help her. A few hours later, Lollo suffocates to death from blood filling her lungs. Britta cries and tries to revive her, but to no avail. She mourns for her lost friend.

Louise's ghost does not realize that she is dead. For some reason, the calling she had heard earlier was stronger now. Instead of passing on, she clings to Britta, hoping that they'll make it out of there.

It's cold up in the mountains, so Britta undresses Louise's corpse to wrap herself up into more layers of clothes. When it starts to get dark, she attempts to dig down into the snow to make a little hole where she can sleep. Instead, she finds a rusty little chest. Louise feels the calling stronger now, it's coming from that chest. She cannot let go her focus on the box, the feeling that she needs to get to what's inside the chest is overwhelming.

Britta manages to break the rusty chest lock by smashing it against a rock a few times. A stick with what looks like a cat's head in one end falls out. The eyes of the cat head strikes Britta with a fear so strong that she cannot stand being close to it. But it still calls out to Louise. If she touches it, she can its feel power seeping into her. A few days later, Britta hurts herself badly while trying to climb out of the crevasse. Ultimately, she succumbs to the cold, unaware of the small search party that had been looking for them since some people at the cottage noticed that they hadn’t come back for a few days.

Louise still doesn't understand that she's dead. Her time perception is completely gone. Whenever she touches the wand, she's hit with a large surge of energy that she can use to make noise and shout for help. However, her disembodied voice does nothing but echo through the mountain, reaching nobody. Along with the energy, she's also hit with a strong sense of rage. It takes her several years before her limited mind slowly manages to handle this rage and understand that this wand is the cause.

She is able to interact with the wand for longer and longer times, and eventually she understands that she's "alive" and can actually think. Her mind is still clouded, impairing her way to think logically yet still feeling the anger deep inside her. But she now remembers that she's got a daughter and a husband. She grabs the wand that seems to give her strength and attempts to climb out of the crevasse. Her biggest wish is that there would be a rope ladder to climb up on. Without really understanding why or how, she's now climbing one. She's very happy that she managed to get out of the crevasse, but now she has another problem. She has no idea where to go. Still not realizing that she doesn't have the same limits like a living person, she feels very cold and tired after a short wandering. She wishes her old horse that she used to ride on when she was younger was there. Before she knows it, her childhood horse is standing in front of her. Without thinking about the circumstances, she climbs up on the horse and rides it away.

After a time of roaming around she finds a walking trail. She follows it back to Kebnekaise mountain station where she left together with Britta. Louise doesn't completely recognize the station, because another floor has been installed on it. Ignoring this, she still headed inside to find anybody who could help her. But nobody seemed to care about her.

Frustrated, Louise left the building to make her way home on her own. It takes her a few years to find her way home. But since she lacks perception of time, it didn't matter to her. During her travels, she got more experienced with usage of the wand. And since the wand seemed to repel anybody else who came across it, she was never bothered by any living person.

When she finally arrives at the big house she's been living in for the latter part of her life, she finds her husband with another woman. Since Louise went missing, Hjalmar had given up the thoughts of her ever returning and eventually remarried. To Louise, it looks like Hjalmar has been cheating on her. She becomes furious and attempts to trash their belongings and hurt the both of them. She is powerful enough to succeed at a few instances and Hjalmar and his new wife are forced to move out, believing the house is now haunted.

Louise takes residence in what used to be her old room. For a short while, the house stands undisturbed. But soon, attempts to rid her from the house are made. Priests and spirit mediums came to perform ghost expulsions. It was during some of these attempts where Louise was able to communicate and even possess a spirit medium. She was now aware that she was dead. The more the spirit mediums communicated with her, the more the clouds in her mind started to clear up.

Before long, Louise realized what she was capable of, thanks to the wand she had found and brought along. Soon she was strong enough to even make the spirit mediums turn their heels and flee. As long as she extracted power from the wand, there was nobody who could stop her. Instead of extracting little power at once, she was now extracting its power a lot and often. She could now think clearly and even interact with objects if she wanted. However, her mind had become corrupted from the anger residing in the wand. She was able to control the anger, but now only cared about herself.

During the following decades, Louise learned more and more about using the wand. If anybody entered the house, they'd get a scare that they wouldn’t forget. The house remains in Hjalmar's relatives owning, since he was never able to sell it off. But with more consciousness came boredom. Louise became curious about life outside her home. At first, she'd possess people and walk around town to see what was going on. She read papers, watched news, attempted to use new technology and created mischief. At some point she found out that she could create a body with magic to possess instead of using other people. And although her creations always came out tinted red, it was never enough to cause people to look twice her way.

When some teens snuck into her house, she got a fun idea. Instead of scaring people out like she usually did, she began to use magic to bend and change the layout of the house to make them get lost and separated. Louise thought it was so much fun watching those scared teens run around in circles that it made her think to make a full fledged game out of it.

•Current Life: These days, Lollo keeps mostly to herself, designing mazes. Now that her house isn't so widely popular amongst hooligans and curious teens, she feels that it's not necessary to stay and protect it. She's traveling around to other places in Sweden to set up mazes or cause mischeif to others for her own amusement.

•Backstory of the wand:
A group of catpeople who were being discriminated and called monsters and witches by the simple masses decided to live up to the rumors. They formed a cult and began to hold rites towards an unknown being, but a being they believed would help them out. They created a wand and a collection of necklaces with the common theme and design of a cathead. The necklaces were to be worn by anybody who was a member of their cult, and the wand was to be used by their leader.

Eventually, their efforts were noticed by a paranormal being that began to sympathise with the cult of catpeople after witnessing their struggle with fitting in. It bestowed them what they’d call magic by putting parts of its otherworldly powers into the wand they had created. This source of power could only be used by people born as catpeople. Similarly, their necklaces would act as a protection from those powers so that no conflict within the group would emerge and destroy them from the inside out.

In return, the cult shifted their rituals to fit more towards their new god’s will. Their leader, who had the strongest connection due to the magic wand, steered them towards the correct path. To make the people accept them as equals became a mutual goal, even though the way to achieve it was misguided. They used the magic to rebel and scare people.

But the people soon are fed up with this rebelling cult. The cult was surrounded by surprise by an angry mob mob one night, resulting in many of the group being killed and the wand stolen. This infuriated the being who was supporting the group.

In one last effort to save the catpeople, it sacrifices its own sentience to curse the wand and store all of its powers inside of it. Like this, the being can protect the wand from harm, call upon any catpeople in the vicinity and make them avenge their fallen cult members. The negative aspect of this action is that the feelings the being had cannot change. Its rage and desire for revenge will forever live on in the wand. But no human being can handle all of this rage and power without succumbing to the corruption of the mind after increased exposure to it.

The people who stole the wand would find themselves be attacked by catpeople seemingly anywhere they went. Since they could not destroy the wand, they decided to hide it somewhere isolated where nobody would ever find it.

After careful consideration, they opted to not throw the wand into the sea, and instead opted to head north to hide the wand. The necklaces they stolen from the corpses of the killed catpeople were considered useless and were sold off for a pretty penny.

And there we have Louise. Quite the character, is she not? I've tried my best to try to keep her abilities and magic within reasonable limits. If anything is unclear, do ask and I'll try to make sense of it and add it to the bio if needed.
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