The discord server seems to have been a good idea. I've already had a lot of fun with the people who joined! I hope it will continue to grow, hoahoa!

Most of my computer problems have been solved except for a few things, but at least they're not hindering my work anymore. I've continued the work with Sofi's part and I think it is starting to shape up good. Maybe I'll finish the base animations in a month or so? After that I need to add fluids and stuff though. I've yet to find a good voice for Sofi though, I need a girl who can sound grumpy and annoyed, haw haw.

It's a short update today, but ya know how it is. A lot of the details doesn't make for much significant teasing material. Next update I might have something neat in store though, so I'll see you then!
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Well friends, I've formatted my computer and upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. A change that didn't go too smoothly, bleh. I've solved most of the problems I had with it, but there are still some I need to get fixed. For example, I couldn't scroll in the timeline in flash because there was some new, weird hidden away option that made it impossible somehow. That was extremely frustrating. I also need to reinstall a bunch of shit that I have not gotten around to yet as well. Nyeh.

But anyway, I have now created this Discord server I talked about earlier. Even though the interest seemed low, I made one just to see how it goes. It is rather experimental right now, so things would need to be smoothed out with feedback from people who want to use it, ya?

Click here to join!

I hope it will work out, I'll probably post various screenshots and work in progress stuff there.

Before I go, I have some fun fanart from Absented Tangent!
Ellie Booty and Fucked Sofi
Thanks a lot, man!

By the way, I suppose you could more easily show fan art (or other art!) in the discord server too, instead of having to send them by email and not fear it'll accidentally disappear into junk mail. See it as a replacement for the long-dead forums, yeh. I've gotten a guy on making a new version of too, so there's that to look forward to. Don't expect anything new in the near future though, it is probably going to take a while. Let's see if I manage to finish my horse flash project before he finishes the site, ya? I feel so far away from my goal right now, huff...
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What a week it was. So many people came and we had a great time. I'd show some pictures, but I'm way too tired now. Didn't get much sleep while staying there, heh. But if you looked at my twitter, you've got a glimpse of what went down, I think.

Anyway, I should be pretty much free from IRL stuff now. It's going to be nice to come back to flash again, haw haw. My new plan for the horse project is the following:
1. Finish Sofi's part.
2. Get voices for Sofi and Ellie.
3. Remake Zu & Zeta's part to make the animation more fluid and lively and coding process a lot simpler.
4. Get voices for Zu and Zeta.
5. Make/Get soundeffects for all the parts.
6. Have somebody who's not busy code it all together in a clever way.
7. Release Flash.
8. Feel depressed and anxious because people might find bugs or not like it.
9. Cry self to sleep.
10. Begin work on Ellie's bonus scene.

I've actually started to sketch up the bonus scene for Ellie today, since I needed a little reminder of how Flash worked after a month of not using it.
Keep in mind that this is a sketch, and I'd like feedback on it. This isn't the final version by far, and I'll most likely do it last. I guess this also makes the art contest or whatever I should call it is off too. I'm using a drawing made by a guy called "countmoxi", which I found simple and straighforward but also attractive for the purpose.

Before I left, I finished a set of drawings I made for a discord server I recently joined. They were all very eager when they heard of Zu's baby problem, so I thought it was amusing enough to draw them each a scene with her. Here they all are:
Skeptical but Curious
Zu & Vlad
Zu & Jayce
Zu & Malik
Zu & Kenko
Zu & Tsujimura
Zu & Mikey D.
Zu & Alastor
Zu & Saeem
Zu & Tsal
Zu & Epsi
The Baby
As you can see, it goes from normal people to more fantasy type characters. I made it this way since they're all supposed to bang her one after another, so she's not going to feel all loose when the next person takes his turn.

I also made a few silly drawings while I was at Riddarveckan, so here are those!
Draco Centauros from Puyo Puyo & Tetris.
Lia Mikelad, a character which my friend T_4 made up on the spot.
Biff Atlas fucks Lia. Can't have her be a buttvirgin for more than an hour since her creation, hoahoa.

Well, I think that's all I have for you tonight. Sorry I'm one day late, but I was pretty exhausted yesterday.
I wanna hear what you guys think about the stuff I've showed and told you about though. I'm always happy to get feedback.
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Ye, I'll be going away again soon. I'll be back on the 17th. So no update on the upcoming sunday. Maybe I'll post dumb stuff on our Twitter while I'm there, we'll see.

Anyway, I'm focusing on finishing drawings until I go, so here's a bunch of them already:

Bullying Zu, something which is very underrated, me thinks.
Baking Bully's Baby, this new concept that's proven to be pretty popular amongst fans.
Dragon Magic, a tentacle assault from GBlastman's Ryuujin on the main girls here on!
A Dick in the Butt, a birthday present for WhatANobody!
Morning Surprise, Zara wakes up to find something unusual about herself.
Crazy Dickgirl Zara, Zara uses her unusualness on Ellie's poor behind.
Swedish Boobs, I attempted to draw digitally a while ago, and this was the result. I also made it for Sweden's National Day.

Well then, that's all I had to say today really. My new place is starting to shape up to be habitable now, so that's nice.
I know all of ya are waiting for flash stuff, but ya. I've not really wanted to start that up with all the distractions I've had to face so far. After this last trip, I think things will calm down enough for me to start all that stuff back up again.
But yeah, bedtime for me now.
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Yeah, things went awry for a while there, with the website and such. But I'm going to try and see if I can't get some money together and pay somebody who actually knows their shit to make an useable site for us all to enjoy. It'll be around 10 000 SEK, which is around 1150 USD/1050 EUR for comparison. Blerf.

I just recently moved too, so I've been setting up and getting used to my new place. Its going well so far! But, my scanner died in the process, so I can't upload the drawing I finished for today. Very frustrating.

But eh, you can have this instead. I worked on it for a week or so while the site was down and inbetween packing.

There are subtitles for you english people, so you can perhaps "understand" what is happening.
The flash file.

I've also got some fanart to show off! All three of Zu!

Cute Zu by definitesin!
Come Get Your Cake by Cinndrie!
Art Trade Zu by Big Buff Kitten Fluff!

Thanks to all of you!

Anyway, I'm really tired. I'll try to fix my scanner as well as try to get back into the horsey flashey stuff. But right now, it's sleeptimes! Nights!
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This june is going to be a bit busy for me, it looks like. My birthday is on the 12th, and I'm going to move around the 16th. I hope it'll go smooth.

Anyway, I haven't got a lot to update with this week. I've mostly been trying out some stuff to see if it looks good or not. I think it does, so I've started up work with this look, so hopefully others will think so too.

And well, I've got two Zu drawings to show as well.
Zu sucking dick
Zu got buttfucked

Yah. That's it for today. Perhaps I'll have more to show off next sunday, but I doubt it. When working on an animation like this, there's not really a lot to show off.
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Ya, I started to feel ill yesterday night, so I didn't really feel like either do preparations for an update, or type one up. A good night's sleep seemed to have rid me of that, though, so here I am. I'm really hungry instead, so I'll do a quick update and then go buy something to eat.

Big Fox, I drew some fanart for GBlastman using his demon fox character Peppermint. I have one more planned, but it's a larger sketch to clean up so it might take some time.

Cinndrie came by and delivered a new 3D model of Lollo's wand.
Pretty impressive! Thanks a lot!

Pretty fitting too, since I and Miles have finished up going through Lollo's character bio! I hope her powers and limitations should be properly explained now. I tried very hard to organize them, since they were kinda spread out all over previously. Should be more easy to grasp now.

And finally, I suppose I should say something about flash progress too?
Well, I'm all done with this hole's animations.

Except for the nutcream, which I will animate in last, since I might need to get some voiceclips in before I can properly do that.
For now, I'm going to look into alternative ways of penetration.
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Last sunday I went on a long bike ride, and I was completely exhausted when I came home and was too tired to type up anything for the update. When I then wanted to write this morning, was down due to internet maintinence with the providers or some dumb stuff like that.

That bike ride went to crap anyway, since when we got halfway we needed to ride a ferry, which had closed down just before we arrived so we had to return the same way we came. So horrible, hoahoa.

Anyway, been working on the flash this week, so I don't have a lot to show off. Actually, I've got nothing. Let me find something... else that recently resurfaced thanks to reminiscing with my friends! It's something I had completely forgotten about, from the time before I started drawing human beans. Shows how I was different yet the same even back before I started posting stuff online. All of these were characters I had made up, although I don't remember much about them now, hoahoa.

But if it is something more recent that you want, here's something:

It's a gaping butthole! Not much of it will be showing, since it's going to be covered by cum gushing out probably. I'm just animating the main animations for now, and will probably animate in the cum when I'm done with all of those. I'd say I'm close to halfway. There's just one short animation left in this set, then I'll have to do another set with the same amount of animations. Huff. These take so long, because I have to animate in the cuminflation... And it's just getting more complex with each new animation I make! I wish I had another fetish that was less annoying to animate, hoahao.

I'll probably going to need to find a voiceactress for little Sofi too before I start doing the cum. I might need some audio cues when doing the... Cum coughing thing. Mmh. Same with music, I've got one great track made for the flash, but I still need two more tracks! Or possibly, three. I'll have to ask around with my musically gifted friends and see if they're willing to make some music.

But now I'm just typing out my thoughts. I've fucked up my sleep schedule again, bleh. Gonna try to get some sleep. Nights!
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It's no doubt that the forums are quite otiose at this point. I've always wanted some sort of chat function for the site, but since my main coder guy hasn't made much progress in the last few years, I thought perhaps I could make a discord server for I'm not entirely sure what it'd consist of yet, but it's just an idea at this point! So suggestion and thoughts are welcome! Do any of you think it's worth it?

As for me, I've been working on Zoo-phobia, haw haw! Not as much as I should have, since I've been replaying Miles Investigations 2 during the week as well. Very intriguing game. But I'm done with that now, so Sofi should be top priority now! I'm currently trying to figure out how to progress with a cumscene I'm making. Tricky stuff, I tell ya.

Mh, I've recieved some fanart this week though!
More art from Absented Tangent!
Classic Style Sofi 2
Classic Style Sofi 3
Ellie Boobjob

And some from GBlastman!
Dickgirl Sixten and Zu
Dickgirl Sixten and Zu Cum Version
Zu and Xu

Thanks a lot guys!
Now I'm going to head for bed, I've been sketching up some arts, but they turned out to be pretty large, so it'll take some time to finished them. Not sure if I can make it in time for next update, but we'll see how it goes.
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The demo of that new Touhou game came out today! I need to try it out! I'll just have to make a quick update today!

Due to not paying enough attention while animating, I made a bunch of annoying mistakes! It's always nice to notice those when you're almost done with a part, so you have to consider which is worst. Do everything all over again, or try to match up the bits that I failed to animate in? Hoahoa. I managed to fix it up pretty well though. Most of it is covered by a huge, cuminflated belly! Hyuk hyuk.

I drew up Sixten's older sister, finally!
Malin, Sixten's older sister who is not a very social or kind girl. It's 'cause of her he's a bit on the shy side!

I'm not sure there are any other characters that I need to draw up. Are there any other characters you'd like to see drawn up out of all the side characters that appear in any backstories? If so, do tell! I'm not going to draw out any parents, though.

And I have a few Ellie doodles to show off too!
This is not OK!!
I Thought I was Alone...
I Just Wanna Go Home
Stuck Between Two
There's Nothing Better!

Whoop! Ellie fans rejoice! Or something.
Well, like I said, I'll be trying out that new Touhou demo before I head to bed. See you next sunday!
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