It's been a surprisingly long week for me. I spent like 3½ days sitting the cats, but it still feels like I made good progress on ZZZZ. When I got back from the sitting I got a sudden spurt of motivation that I've lacked for quite some time now! I found that listening to sound books while doing flash stuff also helps me getting less distracted, so I'mma gonna get me some more of those, ye ye.

Anyway, things that are showable has been made! Some, at least!

While I was sitting the cats, I doodled a little. This Sofi Tentacle Sketch came out rather well, so I cut it out and here it is. The worst part was when I got home and wanted to draw continuation of Zu's Reindeer set I couldn't make anything look like how I wanted it to when I actually tried. Quite frustrating. I brute forced myself through it today though and made a rather promising looking sketch. I'll see if I can finish it and the next Reindeer picture by next week!

I also managed to make an additional Beleth image, now with clothes!
Clothed Beleth. Pretty neat, ya? Just a reminder as well, Beleth is Pyreaus' character, not mine.

But here's one of mine, Ellie:
Ellie Profile Image 3
Now with clothes on! I think I'll have to tone down on the nipples though. Both on the undies and the coat... What ya think, guys and girls?

That's all of my stuff, but I also got fanart from my dear Serb Shrapnel.
Sea lover dresses up as another sea lover
It's a Sixten! He never actually told me who or what he's dressed up as, but... It's neat anyway!


I'm going to go bed now, and tomorrow, my very exciting flash work adventures will continue!!!
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Sorry for the downtime and the late update... There was some trouble with the server and shits.

Today, I have a few things to share.

First up is a picture I've drawn in MS Paint.
It's most of the Touhou characters in the Windows series!
That's all I have finished this week...

So that means, it's time for new fan stuff!
We have here a short story written by The Storyteller!
It's very very short!

I also got a very very short fan flash from FlashmasterXD!

I'm a bit distracted at the moment, so I cannot write much now.
See ya next week!
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But it is now temporary OK, as we managed to borrow some serverstuff from T_4.
All hail Toad_4!!

Seriously though, our MYSQL thingy died and it has been awful. From what I heard, no one knows yet how to fix it, so that's kinda shit.

Anyhow, I will take some time and update later, when I can sort out all teh stuff I've made while on vacation and during the downtime.

So uhm... Yeah.
I must go to bed now, I'll get a real update done tomorrow.
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It's quite inactive and it's not fun!

Please, register and discuss fun stuff with us. It's worth it!
You will laugh everyday in the rest of your lives if you do that. I promise.
Updating my joblist, woop.

FLASH: Tittypunchan

A very simple little collab flash between me and Mittsies.
It wont be very long, but it'll have dicks, everywhere!!
Probably going to start animating at it tomorrow.

PROJECT ZA(working title)

Currently paused until I and Mittsies has less shit to do and we can make a good script for platforman. It'll be a huge project. I don't want anything to interrupt the work on this, but to keep me from being bored with it, I also have these two other flashes to work on:

FLASH: Roliga Saker

This here is an "Our Sense of Humor" styled flash, which will be pretty long. Hopefully it'll be fun to work, seeing as it is pretty random.

FLASH: My Face When

This, basically, will just be a flash full of shorts based on Touhou.
It'll be fun to make. Probably.

But don't worry, I prioritze the ZA project.


I barely have time to draw anymore! It takes a lot of time and I am lazy. It's sad, really.

Zu sprites for Project X.

Zu sprites done, for now!!

Mmya. I have a lot of sketches to scan for next update, so look forward that. It may also contain some fanfiction+art.

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Raz & some other friends came over yesterday, and they'll stay for two weeks or so, so I wont be here a lot during that time.

Until then, take care or something.

See ya when I get back.

oh, and I also had to change my email, because my other one kept getting spammails and shit, really annoying.

Find me at:
Hopefully I wont have to change it again...
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Shiet, I'm getting lazy with updates nowadays... Perhaps it's because I don't have a porn flash in the making, so I don't really feel the need to keep you updated on stuff... Progress on the nonporn flash is going smoothly though!

As for today's update, I bring you some colored pictures! For once!
They were colored by a friend of mine though, I can only shittily color stuff in flash...

Ellie, standing.
Ellie, fucking.
Ellie, bathing.
Zu, on all four!
Zu, on all four with her butt stuffed!
Zu, on all four with her butt stuffed and getting creamed!

Hopefully this will keep you satisfied this week. I shall continue my neverending flash project known as "Roliga Saker". It's getting really long, I think it'll be around 5~6 minutes when it's finished... Which should be... Fun! Yaaay! It's gonna be dubbed into english as well, so woop.
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Meh, I ran out of paper a while ago and there is no store that sells paper in this small town, so I had to wait until I went to another city to buy new paper... And now when I have paper, here's three new pictures! All adult ones, because that is fun.

As I looked back at my old Ran picture, I realized how ugly it was.
So I drew a new one; this.

I'll probably look back at this and think that this is ugly too sometime...

Anyway, onto the next picture:
Za Bukkake.
I've never drawn a picture like this before, so I hope it came out OKay. I think it did.

Third and last picture:
Zoo the Anal Slut.
Is she pregnant or just inflated?
... I dunno. Decide for yourself.

Also, I've been busy updating the character bio's, so you'll have that to look forward to. I'll soon have a story out where Sixten meets up with the other girls.
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Hiya, hope your first week of 2020 has been good!

I've been working on upgrading the beta scenes for my horse project. Adding in new things that I doubt I would have even thought of back when I first released them and updating the art slightly where I can. I've updated Zara's face a bit in her part, she looks a lot livelier now. If I can get in contact with her VA, I plan on having some of her lines re-recorded and add a bunch of new ones. I want to redo her mouth animations anyway, since the way they're made is... Not the best. She kinda sticks to two expressions at most, and lately I've been trying to spice it up with several, ya?

I've been looking at Ellie's part too. It's the part that probably needs the most editing... I want to move the entire scene up a bit, but it'll require extending the arms and legs assets while also adding in hands for Ellie. I'm hoping that's easier than it sounds, hoahoa. I've got a few other ideas for it as well, but we'll see how it turns out.

Right now, I'm trying to finish up Sofi's part as best as I can!
I've added a few more options to toy around with and some extra animation details. Today I have to work on moving a bunch of assets because I failed to read the angle of her legs correctly, bleh.
Otherwise, what's remaining is adding sounds and making different skins for the horsedick.
And coding and playtesting, of course. But, FallowWing will stream his progress on that as usual.
I'm not sure when he's gonna stream next time, but here's his Picarto channel. We've merged our channels, so you can see both of us at the same page if we're streaming simultaneously!

By the way, coming up with different colors for horsedicks to have is... Not easy. There's not really a reliable way to research the subject matter. And then actually adding the colors is even more difficult, since I'm colorblind as fuck.

Anyway, I'm gonna go eat something and then get started.
See ya next week!
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Been doing a bit of everything this week. At the same time as I'm working on smoothing out Zu's animations, I've also been tinkering with the Sofi part a bit. Trying to make improvements to it and such. I and Fallow are going to rework how her facial expressions and such work completely, pretty much. So that also means I got a new chance to write new voice lines for Sofi! It's harder than I expected to come up with stuff that doesn't sound all wrong when spoken out loud. Hoahoa.

I finished a drawing commission this week as well.
The Final Nut, Psycho Girl attacks dickgirl Ellie.

My to-draw list has grown really long again, and I doubt I'll get 'em all done in december. If I don't sacrifice all the time I've got to 'em, and I don't want that... So a lot of stuff is probably going to have spill over into next year.
If you don't know, I sometimes post a little poll on discord where users can vote on what they want the next piece to be, until there's nothing left to draw. I plan on doing that again, soon. It's usually fun.

I also finished up Simon. If you forgot, it's the guy that bullied Zu during her later school years. But in "current day", where the other characters are right now.
Simon Nude
Simon Dressed

Got a bunch of fan art n' stuff this week as well! Check 'em out!

First off, JhonBoi's part of our art trade!
Zu Does A Funny 1
Zu Does A Funny 2
Zu Does A Funny 3

Then, a Sofi from CrimellGrim!
Sofi Cuminflated

More Sofi from Jessie Kat Cat!
Sofi Fan Art

And a silly thing that hime made:
Johanna Thanksgiving

Thanks plenty, all of you!

I'm going continue with the Zu & Jo part now! See ya next update.
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I've not really done much creative work, gotta be social n' stuff! And it's difficult for me to focus on working when other people are around, so I'm mostly working on this while she's away. I'm still playtesting and stuff for the Sofi flash, and that's going well. Getting closer and closer to something playable, altough there's still a few things that need ironing out! I'm gonna take another look at it once I'm done with this update, in fact.

And there's not a lot else to say! I'm doin' what I can.
I've started up work on another Rock n' Raz to have something that doesn't need a lot of my attention span to work on.
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