I've only got two things left to finish up. I'm gonna tackle those tomorrow, and I'll probably be all done by tuesday. It's gonna feel so good to be done, and I'm not gonna draw anything for a loooong while after that, hoahoa.

Here's what I got for ya this week!
Before the Race, a silly centaur Zu thing I had to get outta my system.
Baby Making Spot, Zu and Sixten try to do it like in those american movies, but it doesn't go so well?
Lobotomized, I was requested to do one o' those... earfuck thingies. So I guess enjoy Ellie dying?
Fucked Into the Ground, Beleth dicks Remilia so hard it breaks the ground.
Bat Butt Boinking, Zara pegs Freddy Bat. I've had this on my list for over 6 months...

There's been a mix of stuff in these last drawings, but the last two won't be experimental like that, it's stuff that we're all used to and love!

And once I'm done with 'em, I can fully focus on the flash stuff.
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I was getting up early today to go to a meeting at the hospital, but when I got there I got informed that they had fucked up the booking and that I could go back home. So since I was tired and I couldn't really focus on work, I went back to sleep again, only to be awakened a few hours later by some hidden number calling me. Too tired to even answer, I went back to bed... Only to be awakened again by someone ringing on my doorbell. So I crawled outta bed to open the door, but they had already left by the time I made it there. Pretty awful, if I do say so myself.
Funny how none of these things usually happen, and now it all did on the same day. What a waste of a day it's been.

Well, I managed to finish up a drawing today at least. I've been working really hard on getting rid of my to-draw list and I think I'm halfway there. So, here's what I've done so far!

Yulia Gone Sexual, a trade I did with Gloracle.
Mysterious Tentacle Pit, Zara finds a weird puddle in the woods.
Mysterious Tentacle Pit 2, the follow up!
Genie Wish, Ellie pays a big price for a big wish.
Exposed Anus Sleepwalker, Ellie is sleepwalking...
Rude Awakening, Sofi wakes up Trixie with a surprise treatment.
Soccer Sucker, Zara kicks a soccer ball.
Can't Help It, Ellie grows a dick, Zu is nearby.
Prototype Test Run, Lollo and Rebecka team up to create a new invention.

Bimbo Zu, Gloracle's part of the trade!

Hope you found something interesting, I'm gonna eat something and then probably go to bed again.
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I don't have anything to show today, but I did finish the anal pig set base animations. Gonna start with the horse tomorrow.

I also need to work on some commissions that I've been holding off, so we'll see how far I get. I sketched some Zara getting molested by some tentacles in a slimy pond, too. If things go well, we can see some of 'em next sunday!
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I recently posted a bunch of weird stuff I've got laying around on my twitter. So check that out if you're interested in seeing some old oddities and whatnot. I didn't really wanna post it here, since most of it feels sort of pointless.

Today I'll be starting animating the pig anal set for the Zu&Jo part.
It should be rather straight forward, I believe.

I also finished up two other ref sheets.
Psycho Girl's sheet.
Johanna's sheet.

Lollo's is going to to take a bit longer, since I want to add in a drawing of her old family as well.
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It's always nice to sleep in your own bed after you've been away for a while. I had a good time, but now it's time to get back into business. So, I started with making Sixten's reference sheet!

Sixten's sheet.

I hope it's free from errors, but if you do find any, do point 'em out.

I appreciate all the comments I got while I was away as well. It gives me additional motivation to work on my projects! I've been having some rough time figuring out how to handle the animations, so it's nice to hear you're excited to see what it'll turn out like. And ye, I've just started, so it'll be a while until there's anything concrete to show. That's just how it works with single-pose animations, you can't really show stills, since they're all the same assets.
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I'll be visiting my dad this week, so I'll probably won't have a lot to share next sunday, just letting you all know.

I'm making slow and steady progress on the new part. Trying my best not to overcomplicate it but at the same time keeping it interesting. Which is a rather difficult task, hoahoa.

Well, I finished another drawing this week at least.
Kit & Kat urinals, it is exactly what it sounds like.

I've also got the reference sheets for Sofi and Ellie done (I think), have a look!
Sofi's sheet
Ellie's sheet

Let me know if they could be improved in any way. I'm not really sure what should go on these, hoahao.
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I once again delayed the update to finish a couple of drawings that I couldn't get done yesterday.

They're pretty much the only thing of note I have to post this update anyway, so I felt it was for the best.

Here they are!
Kitten's New Place, a thing I drew for a special person!
Meddling Dogs, The follow up to the Zoo VS Trixie thing.
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Remember that drawing I posted last update? The person who commissioned it, Mykiio, colored it!
Getting a Big ACRD Nut 4K, he even did it in my coloring style!
It turned out pretty great, me thinks!

Speaking of colored arts and whatnot, I've tried to make some reference sheets for my characters. They include all of the clothing variations along with a short summary of what they're like and their backstory. So far, I've made one for Zu and Zara.
Zu's sheet
Zara's sheet
Tell me if they're good or not, ya? I'm not really sure what to put on 'em.

Also got a belated birthday present in the form of Sofi getting double penetrated by Beleth and Chrys!
Double Team'd
Double Team'd Cum Version
Thanks to Pyreaus who got me this! The artist who made it is Cubber!

Believe that's all I got for today! I'm off to bed!
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The dick options I posted last week are all optional. You have the choice to ignore whichever option you don't like.
The girls will have different reactions to them though, and each dick will have it's own quirk, though. But yes, you don't need to worry about it.

Don't have a lot to say today, so just a short update.
I finished this commission for this update though, so have this before you go!

Getting A Big ACRD Nut.
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Last week was so very hot, I barely got anything done. My apartment was like a sauna and the night after friday was so bad I couldn't sleep at all. But it's cooled down slightly now, so I'm hoping I'll get more stuff done.

Lemme post the stuff I actually did make though. First, some drawings!

Bullying via Condom, a silly idea I had a few weeks back, finally put on paper.
Pregnant Berry, an idea by Ankh on the discord server.
Munching Mommies' Moonholes, Tera is at it again, teaching Zu and Trixie new tricks.
Don't Underestimate, Sofi and Trixie have a staredown.
Sleeping Bewby, Ellie falls asleep at a massage parlor.

Also got some fanart from GBlastMan!

Ghetto Sofi
Ghetto Sofi Pregnant Cum Version
Ghetto Sofi Pregnant Version
Ghetto Sofi Pubes-less Version
Ghetto Sofi Pubes-less Pregnant Cum Version
Ghetto Sofi Pubes-less Pregnant Version
Thanks a ton!

Also, I finished those dicks finally. Here's a preview.
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