1: I uploaded a few pictures. Four pictures. I will upload more later, but I'm just too tired now D:

2: This week is Zu Triple week, unfortunaletly, this week is also a some sort of try-out-work week, so I get up early and come home late. This makes me tired, because I am used to get up at like 12 or something. D: So I've not been able to work on it much. And when I did, I got this thrown into my face:

If you don't recognize it, it means something like "OLOLLLOLO I CRASH ON YOU AND YOU HAVE TO START OVER FROM THE BEGINNING, EVEN THOUGH YOU SAVED LIKE THREE TIMES". It has happened a lot recently:

Luckily, I spontaneously bought a new computer last week, so after I've moved all my stuff work will hopefully go a lot faster...

3. Me and some dude, called FlashFireEX or something, started to make some kind of EarthBound edit with Zu, Za, Zoo & Ellie as the chosen four, we'll see how that goes...

4. I have to go take a shit before any accidents happen. I've been holding it for the whole time I wrote this news post.

See ya later!!
Posted 27th of April 2010 - 23:55 by Rock Candy | 3 comments.

I updated Zu's biography a little!
I wrote a short list of what usually happens to her in school and how often it happens. :3

Oh, and uuhh... I've been working on Ness' Adventure Part 5 this week... I got some voices, so I have been able to work a little more on it!

Next week I will work on Zu Triple :3
Posted 24th of April 2010 - 19:00 by Rock Candy | 7 comments.
You can now read about Za on the "Characters" page!

Also, updates on Zu Triple!
I've been really busy with making making stuff for the site and lots of other stuff, but I should be able to work on it more now.
Something that really annoyed me and distracted me from animating this was that the menu sucked and everything was just a mess.
So I asked Exhörder to make a new menu and clean everything up. And so he did!
We decided to use the menu I had in the [H! Remake], with that little emoticat and everything.

(Stupid Winamp wanted to tell me what I listened to when I took the screen shot, and I was too tired to take a new one.)

(The emoticat changes expression when you choose different options.)

So, now when it's cleaned up, I hope that I can concentrate more on the animating!
(Gotta finish all the buttsex scenes before releasing DEMO6)
Posted 20th of April 2010 - 01:17 by Rock Candy | 6 comments.
... Because I was bored.

Raz said: No!!!
Rock Candy said: YOU MUST DO IT!!!!
Raz said: OKAY THEN!!!



Resolution: 1680x1050

Eh, if you want other colors or something you can post a comment.
See ya!
Posted 19th of April 2010 - 22:06 by Raz/Mr. X | 5 comments.

Nothing big really, I made it in a couple of hours.
It's just a little flash I did to put up on Youtube.

It's in the "Original Animations" section.
Posted 17th of April 2010 - 17:16 by Rock Candy | 2 comments.

Many of you may wonder why I'm taking so long with Ness' Adventure Part 5, and I can understand why.
The reason that it takes so long is because this animation is going to be pretty long, around 3~4 minutes or something. That, and that I wanted a voiceactor for Ness. And the one I got is slooooooow, so I've not been able to work further on it for a long time.
But it's close to be finished!

This is how far I've gotten!

Well... Now you know that it's in the works! I have no idea when I will finish it, but I hope it will be soon.
Posted 16th of April 2010 - 09:59 by Rock Candy | 4 comments.


OKay, I'll go back to animating now... x3
Posted 16th of April 2010 - 01:56 by Rock Candy | 5 comments.
Yraah! I did it! I cleared all cards with Aya!

I figured I could brag a little about it here! >:3
Yeah! Uuh. Yeah.
I have 2 left with Hatate.
Posted 15th of April 2010 - 22:01 by Rock Candy | 3 comments.

I've now added a system for replying to other's comments! Just press the "Reply"-link underneath the other comment to reply to it.
If someone replies to your comment, you will recieve an email to the adress you gave when you posted the comment, telling you about the reply.

I hope this works like it should!

If you've got an idea about some new feature you think we should add, tell us in the guest book!
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I uploaded a bunch of pictures in the pictures section!
Go check them out! :3

You can't comment on them there, but you can comment to this News post instead.
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