There's been a few people asking where to find the main song in Spectacular Spectrophilia. The answer used to be nowhere, but now I've uploaded the music to the music tab! It's been updated with an intro and an end, too.

Listen to it here!
The track was made by here on Soundcloud, big thanks to him!

I've also tweaked Ellie's skincolor a whole lot, with the help from a bunch of friends. Hopefully this should be a lot better and less banana-colored!

Next up is going to be Zara... I don't think I should run into too much trouble with her.
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DM DOKURO finished Lollo's Theme; The Red Skies of Thunder! (Youtube link)
It's pretty awesome, so go shake it out~.

We also got a fan art of Ellie getting titfucked!
So sexy...
And part 9 of WSPDFL!
Download link!
As well as another ministory.
Download link!
Should be read after WSPDFL 9, or else you will be mindfukt.

And last, we got a colored picture of Peach!
Look at it here!
Exhörder decided to color it, 'cause he likes Peach being a slut.

And that was all for now, I think...
Posted 11th of April 2011 - 23:28 by Rock Candy | 4 comments.
Hey, remember the Music Tab? Yeah, me neither. But it's actually finished now! Wow, right? Only a few years late, hoahoa! I've uploaded the character themes so far, but I will update it with original flash scores later. I only have edited loops for flash purposes, so I need to see if there are originals anywhere within my music makers' archives. Might take a while. But hey, I've wanted this for some time, and now you can finally enjoy the tracks!

Thanks to the fans who joined the discord server, I've managed to get a bunch of great ideas that I might possibly add to the project. I've made up a working story and name for it now, but I'll keep that secret for now. Wouldn't want to spoil it all. The progess on the Sofi part is going well. I'm actually close to finishing her main animations. Which is pretty huge. What's left after those are the cum/fluid animation, facial expressions, and various other visual stuff that I'm going to need coded in. I'm going to need to find a voiceactress for Sofi really soon to be able to animate her mouth and eyes well, too.

I hope that'll go smoothly. I can't wait to finally have Sofi's part finished up, hoahoa!
That's all for today. Good night!
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gragh, my gums hurt. Stupid wisdom tooth growing out. The pain has made me lie in bed feeling sorry for myself for some days now.

Anyway, as last TUESDAY (3rd of march) was Zu's birthday, I decided to finish up this old picture that has been lying around forever:
And Guodzilla also drew a picture for Zu's birthday:
Zu Triple? Sixten Triple? Whatever...

Shame on the rest of you who didn't celebrate her birthday >:C

Well I have two other pictures for us today.
One is an old sketch of Zoo, which was supposed to be used in a flash at some point, but got cut out.
It's a bit sketchy...

And the LAST ONE IS.......

Of Raz and his girlfriend Yulia.
Ya. Raz even made a flash out of it! It's his first, so you should totally SHAKE IT OUT!!!


So uhm... Yeah I think that was everything for this week. Only have some things left to do before I will start working on the cumscene in Onihole. However, thses things can take some time... Especially the hair and chains... I wonder if I should... Hmmmmmm..... Yes...... Maybe...... Or not.... I'll figure it out....
Posted 12th of March 2012 - 02:03 by Rock Candy | 15 comments.
Like I predicted, I finished up the deer's facial expressions rather quickly.
I recorded soundeffects tonight, so it's now up to the coder to do his work. Not sure when he'll be able to get to it, but he said he wanted to stream the process. I'll make sure it's posted in our discord server once he does.
There will probably be some time spent on tweaking timings and looking for bugs as well, but we'll take that when we get there.

I don't really have anything else to say. I gotta write some instructions for the guy, but other than that, I don't have any real plans on what to do in the meantime.

If I can get ahold of Meriyel, maybe we can start planning out that ol' Zu collab... That might be a good way to continue.
As for the horse project, I'll probably have do downscale what I wanted it to be a little, hoahoa. Since flash is gonna get killed soon. But I'll definitely finish up the parts I've got and make the Zu&Jo part. Tough decisions await, blegh.
Posted 5th of November 2019 - 07:05 by | 5 comments.
Sorry that I'm late once again. I'm sleeping during the day and am awake all night again, so I lose track of what days begin and end when.

Right now I'm waiting for the stores to open so that I can find something to make fitting soundeffects for the Sofi flash. We're getting quite close to having a second beta released of it soon. I just need to gather enough sound effects. I think sound is a very hard thing to get right, since I'm not really an audio guy. I don't know what you guys thought about the sound effects in the Ellie flash. I didn't see any comments about them at all, so I assume they were at least passable. No complaints is somewhat positive, ya? I'm hoping I can do better in the Sofi flash, but getting clean recordings are hard and so is finding fitting stsuff online. But I'm gonna try anyway.

Later this week my sister will live at my place for a while, so my production might go down for during that time... We'll see. I'm gonna try to have to fix my sleep cycle until then, hoahoa.

Before I go for today, I've got a single piece of fanart to show off!
Smugfi by Shrapnel.
Posted 14th of January 2020 - 09:00 by | 3 comments.
I managed to shave off a few drawings I've been wanting to draw this week! Most of them are Sofi-centric, so Sofi fans will be happy (maybe).

She Just Doesn't Care, I put Sofi in one of those anal plug swimsuits, it was requested on here a while ago!
Sofi Meets Kurupi, I was made aware of an interesting creature from the south american aera and just had to do something with it...
Kurupi Follow Up, He's the perfect guy for All-The-Way-Through stuff... So naturally, I had to draw that as well!
Prostitution Gone Wrong, Sequel to the "Prostitutes in Training" drawing with Trixie, Tera and Zu.
The Magic Trick, Sofi gets bullied by a magician.

Also working on a comic page sequel to the Casual Conversation comic featuring London and Dickgirl Zara. That is just the sketch, but I seldom show what they look like here on the site. Thought maybe it'd be interesting to compare when I finish it up later. I've cleaned up the 2 first panels so far, but I think I'm gonna focus on getting some animation done in the Zara project next week.

I did say I finished the lipsyncing, ya? I'm going to be making some additional animations for the second cum animation and Zara orgasming. If I do it well, I can probably get it done this month. I'm not sure what the coding looks like, but FallowWing says he's got things sorted out and improved on things since the Sofi beta.

Well, I'll update you on that next sunday!
Also yey I updated before I went to bed for the first time in a long time. Sorry for slacking off with that before... I'm just forgetful or tired when I finish up for the night usually. Hope you enjoyed these new drawings, at least.
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I've now added a system for replying to other's comments! Just press the "Reply"-link underneath the other comment to reply to it.
If someone replies to your comment, you will recieve an email to the adress you gave when you posted the comment, telling you about the reply.

I hope this works like it should!

If you've got an idea about some new feature you think we should add, tell us in the guest book!
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So I found this unfinished flash in My Recieved Files folder (not made by me), and decided to finish it. I hope the guy who made the original likes it! I lost contact with him about a year ago...

Well, it's a very basic flash. But my friends still liked it, and I hope you will too.


Thought I could put this here as well; it's a short trailer for Zu in Project X.
Zeta and her friend/partner/whatever made one for each character.
Seeing as Zu doesn't really belong in a game like this, she's a bit of a joke character. She's a bit silly.
Posted 9th of March 2011 - 05:19 by Rock Candy | 9 comments.

Actually, it's just an updated flash... But still!
I call this one "Rock Candy [Zoo in Bowsers Castle]", because I couldn't come up with anything better.
You can find it in the 18+ section.
Posted 8th of April 2010 - 18:01 by Rock Candy | There are no comments! Comment now!