I really need to up my game when it comes to updating, don't I? Ah well, I don't have any excuses. I was just too tired and lazy yesterday to collect all the stuff I have and write something coherent. Today, however, I had to camp by my front door because I had to mail a package, and there's no waiting tolerance with mail people I tell ya. And I also took the liberty to finish a birthday drawing for Zeta, ya know the girl behind Project X n' stuff that I was involved with.

Zeta and Zu are together again, butt to butt!

And as you asked for screenshots, here have one of the christmas flash.

Looks a little dated to me, hoahao.

And, have another screenshot of the Peach flash.

I'm going away on the 5th of july, so I hope I can finish this before that.
It's time again for the annual riddarveckan (knight week, literally translated for you non-swedish people) and it spans like a week... And a little more. This time is special, because two fans from Serbia is coming to visit. Such dedication, they put the rest of ya to shame!

I'll try to keep ya all updated anyway.
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Another week passed. Man, time goes too fast. I've made some progress on my flashwork, but I coulda done a lot more I feel like. I think this is mostly because of Tomodachi Life. It's incredibly fun. I wont post a lot of pictures this time, even though I want to. It'd be too much to cover, hoahoa. If interest in what crazy antics my characters has been up to is high enough, I'll update with... An update about the life on my island! Well, if anyone is interested, I'll post my characters' QR Codes at the bottom of the news post.

I'm going to continue on the Peach flash next, and I hope I'll get somewhere on that quickly. It really feels like I've done jack shit this year, which I'm pretty sure I've said before. It's taking its toll on my motivation. Good news is though, that it's looking good for the very late christmas flash! It's actually playable now, to a degree!

I don't have much to show this week, sadly. I've sketched some new profile pictures for my characters, and I think my drawing skills are becoming better. I did get ahold of a ghost writer, but he seems to be busy with some steamy summer sale, so I'm not sure how quickly that will be done... The main problem with the bios now is that, I put too much damn effort into them. I put in all kinds of little details, and it's starting to become a novel or something. So I and the ghostwriter agreed to shorten it down, keep the important parts and I'll draw some pictures for it to make up for the loss. With that said, I hope they will be done before the end of the year. Bah.

OKay, since I don't have anything interesting to show, have a song I made in Tomodachi:

You can't help but enjoy it. Here's the QR codes for my characters, if you want them in your Tomodachi Life. The birthyear doesn't transfer, so I'll write that underneath each picture.

Birthyear: 1991

Birthyear: 1989

Birthyear: 1993

Birthyear: 1984

Birthyear: 1990

Birthyear: 1986

Birthyear: 1979
(Based on her age before death.)

So yeah, this is your chance to grab Zu and make some babies. Because sadly, there's no buttsex in Tomodachi. :c

Hoahoa, anyway, have a great week. I wish I was less of a failure, but I'll try my hardest. See ya around!
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Finally, everything is over. Birthdays, visitors, all that kind of stuff is done and I can have some peace once again. I couldn't spend much time doing stuff, but I did recieve various kinds of presents. Interested in what they were? Well... OKay. I'll tell.

3x caps, including one with my most hated gaming characters on it; Donkey Kong.
1 electric shaver
Some moneys.
Shorts that were already teared.
Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer: The Movie.

Amazing aint it?
Of course, I also got some birthday arts!

Birthday gift 1!
By Captain Eaglesmut!
Birthday gift 2!
Also by Captain Eaglesmut.
Birthday gift 3!
By Yellowpower!
Birthday gift 4!
By Timathor.
Birthday gift 5!
By kirbsuperstardude!

Thank you all, it makes me happy that we all can enjoy some stuffed Zu butts once a year! ...But any day is fine really, so keep stuffing that butt. I know you want to. I know I want to. Let's stuff it together. All of you at once! Mwahaha!

Oh, and E3 was quite nice. At least, I think so, from Nintendo's side.
Though, still no MOTHER character in smash. No Ness, no buy. Such are my rules.
And no, I'm not gonna draw smut of splatoot or whatever it was called. It looked fun, but damn was the pornartists all over it in an instant. I'm not really one to follow a bandwagon, so I'm gonna sit that one out. Might buy the game tho.

Speaking of games, I got my Tomodachi Life. I've been playing it a lot, I found it quite amusing. Let me post some highlights photos I snapped, ya?

Very important questions are brought up.

Sixten ate White Bread and flew into space.

Introducing the Lollo-phone.

Sixten and Zara starts dating.

Zu shows interest in my fingernails.

Sixten proposes to Zara and they get married.

Apparently only me.

RC and Zu are dating, but both fell asleep.

My apartment looks like Luigi's Mansion.

Sofi hates bugs.

Ellie's very unexpected reply was ignored, and Psycho Girl (who apparently has started talking) changes the subject to cheese.

Zu proposes to RC and they marry.

Zara wtf r u doin

Lollo also marries someone!

Sofi had feelings for Crosstail, and when he turned her down, she got pissed.

Sofi tries to lure him in with cake, but Crosstail doesn't take the bait. Amazingly, Sofi took this pretty well.

Ellie just loves flowers.

Then a boat from Christmas Island arrives at the docks.

This is the first time I've ever seen Zu angry, and she's fucking PISSED. She's even on fire.

She's angry at Yulia for some reason, and they kept throwing stuff at each other for several minutes until...

Sixten tries to sort it out.

It didn't go too well.

Zara and Sixten brushes their teeth...

And starts eating not soon afterwards. Disgusting!

This doesn't even need an explanation. It is simply the funniest thing I've seen in quite a while.

Oops, seems like it got a tad long there... But that's what happens when my aspieness gets to run free! Perhaps I'll update more next week... But I also have to get started on flash again, hoahoa! Tomorrow it's time to work on that Besped trade, so ya! I'll see ya next week!
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Sorry for being late again. In the middle of the E3 conferences and all.

I had to finish a drawing to have something to show in this update hoahoa.
Here it is! A little gay perhaps, but enjoyable nonetheless. Dickgirl Zu's adventures has just started. Or something.

I also got a piece of fan art as well!
Close up of Zu's face.

I don't have much to show in the form of flashwork as I talked about last week, mostly because I've not been able to talk with GBlastMan about it. Nyah. Hard to work with no directive and knowledge of the character.

I don't think I'll get much done this week either, as there's birthdays and E3s and all that jazz. I'll try to make a few more drawings though.

Oh, and I also recieved a youtube poop from the creator of Old n' Rosen parody of Rock n' Raz, LordThexor.

Some funny stuff for sure!

Can't wait for Smash Bros. at Nintendo's E3 direct thingy, why do they always have to be the last ones?!
Speaking of which, I wish I had someone to play Mario Golf 3DS with online. Anyone got it? Wanna play? Wanted to play Mario Kart 8 online, but no luck. Either Nintendo server sucks or my modem/router is ass.

I also bought Todomachi Life. Gonna see what my characters gonna wind up doin' and shit. Intredasting stuff I say.

Myeh, I'm gonna ride this week and continue work when all the shit is over with. Have a good week!
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Sorry for the late update; I was really tired yesterday. Spent most of the weekend playing Mario Kart 8. Can't play online though, due to superior Telia not allowing such fun things to be had.

So yeah, much questions are had about flashes lately! And other things. I'll try to clear it up once and for all.

About the christmas flash, it's going forward for sure. My man Illogical is working on it whenever he can. If I don't say anything about it, you can count on it going as it should. I only really focus on the negative details for some reason. I guess I'm a little secretive about progress and such, hoahoa. But sadly, not much was done this week because of a lack of computer. It'll probably be finished sometime this summer, a perfect time for a christmas flash! It's reached that point where I don't care anymore, hoahoa.

And the Yo! winner flash, is what I've been working on this last week. This is what it looks at this moment:

I wasn't given much instructions and was given much freedom with what it could be about. I tried my best to come up with something interesting, but I won't show what it is yet! I want to make sure it's good though!

Recently, I've made a little schedule for myself, which I think is much needed. I'll work on flashes during Monday to Friday, then writing character stuff on the weekends. I really wish I could have someone help me out with the writing part though, so if you're a writer, please send me an email or something! Like, a ghost writer or something... I'd just like to ball ideas and stuff back and forth with someone as well.

But anyway, got a little sidetracked there. Flashes from monday to friday. I'll shift from the Besped trade, to the Peach flash, and then to another trade I made with GBlastMan. So that is what I shall start on this week! Yash.

By the way, here's some more arts from him!
Zu & Ryuujin 1
Zu & Ryuujin 2

That's some crazy stuff!!

As for about streaming, I'd like to stream stuff, but I don't think Raz wants to anymore... Or at least, is too tired to. I don't really want to stream myself working in flash because... Well, it's a pretty boring process, and I don't feel comfortable showing everyone my shitty ways of drawing and animating...

Ugh. Well, besides from this and that, I think I'll be a little distracted from work in the near future. Runki (from Runkistum) is coming over to visit, for like a week or so. From 5th of June to 13th. Which will cover 3 birthdays, one graduation and E3. But I'll try to get work done, hoahoa!

I hope I'll have made enough progress on the GBlastMan flash to show a preview on sunday. He wanted some unique stuff in his flash, some stuff that aren't that regular around here. It wont show in the preview image, but still... You'll have something to look forward to I guess!
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The weather this week sure has been good. I even stepped outside on my own for the first time in months! You can go outside in the middle of the night in only shorts and T-shirt and not feel a bit cold. It's been a really long time since you could do that, and it sure is welcome. However, it's not so well when you want to sleep! I don't have much trouble, but Raz, who's room has no air conditioning and has the sun on it all day has to sleep in a temperature up to 27 celcius. Must be hot n' stuffy, hoahoa!

I wish he'd work less so we can do some damn streaming some day soon.

Oh uh, I did email Jabajay, and he has choosen the character he wanted me to do the flash with. He choose Shadow Queen, from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Which is kind of neat. There comes a time when every flash artist makes a flash of Princess Peach, and I guess it's my turn now. Altough she's possessed, I'm sure I can make something out of it! I've had Peach voice clips stored on my computer forever. Hoahoa.

In other news, I have made some drawings this week... And recieved some fan art! Let's start with mine.

Would you suck Zu's dick?

Zara doing some odd activites after a race.

A drawing I did for Spazman, starring Ellie and his character, which I don't remember the name of at the moment.

I'm pretty happy with all of them. I hope you'll enjoy them too.

As for fanart, I got some odd TF2 stuff from LeatherIceCream. I'm not the one to try to figure out what it means...

We also got some nice stuff from GBlastMan!

A redesign of Zu in his style.

Remember that sketch of Zu I did a while back, the one where she spreads her anus?
Well, GBlastMan colored it!
While some details are incorrect, I can't really complain! It looks great! Now go jerk off to that smexy butthole.

Finally, Ellie getting attacked by some ghosts... From the inside!
How bizarre! But it still looks great, hoahoa.

He also posted more unrelated arts in our more than dead old forums! So go check that out, there's some Curly Brace and Pizza cats and whatever else there was...

So yeah, that was all the arts I had to show this week. The christmas flash is also on it's way on the coding front now. You can actually look at the scenes now, but it still misses many details and sounds. We'll see if we can't have it done before my birthday... Which is June 12th for you who don't know. So yash, you have that to look forward to! Now, I'm going to go and... Do something, and start working on flash tomorrow! See yargh!
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I've enjoyed many online matches with Brawl and Mario Kart Wii, but now those come to a sad end. At least the new games are around the corner!

So uh... yeah, I had friends over almost the whole week, so I didn't get a whole lot done sadly. But with not much distractions in the near future, I believe I'll make some damn progress soon.

New fanart of Sofi, drawn by Cinndrie! Seems like she thought of something she found enjoyable.

Also, the commentor "Jabajay" was the first to discover the hidden Yo! in the Ellie flash loop, and has won a flashloop of a character of his choice getting sodomized. I shall await his request!

So yeah, that's it for today's update. Bye for now!
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Man, these last weeks have been really slow for me. I need to focus on my projects, I've been enjoying Mario Golf and other miscellanious games and distractions far too much lately. So I decided to finish the Ellie flash prematurely so that I can start on the project that matters right now.

The Ellie tentacle flash loop.
Not too shabby, but I'm not really happy with it either. Egh. At least it was done in time for Ellie's birthday, which is May 11! It's May 12th here in Sweden since 40 minutes ago or some such, but it was finished before that, hoahoa! So even if I uploaded it late, it's still her birthday present! Or something. I don't know!

Other than that... I don't think there was anything else? Only something about people wanting to buy the T-shirt of mine? I could get a shirtshop open or something if interest is high enough, which I could update with motifs if I feel like it.

So yeh, I'll attempt to get my trade with Besped start soon, it's about fucking time I tell ya... Good night for now!
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I had a lot of fun at the playdate! But before I start talking about that, let me answer some questions that were brought up...

The christmas is not canceled, it's in progress of being coded by a new man now. So don't worry, it will be made, I will see it will. As for the Ellie flash, I shall try to finish it in time for Ellie's birthday, May 11. Wish me luck. I doubt I can do it, but it's a goal to strive for.

I recieved fan art of a sexy Zu, doing sexy things! The artist wishes to be anonymous~.

Anyway, I had great fun at the playdate! I'll put up some noteworthy photos of us...

On our way to the place!

Sneaky photo of butts.

Eating at McDonalds. I and my shirt have a funny face.

My pants broke at some point, forcing me to have a Sofi-ish look. Hoahoa.

We met Mario.

And Mario's trailer.

We played Mario Kart 8 demo, it played neatly.

We met Mario's voice too. I didn't meet him personally, because I was too shy, but I was next to the guy next to him in this photo! He later talked about his experiences with voice acting in video games. He's a real funny guy, and his voicework is really impressive. He showed off a whole bunch of different ones.

We played a lot of Mario Power Tennis. I played Fly Guy, but I prefer Shy Guy.

No playdate is complete without some good ol' butrape.

Raz's "I made a Hole-in-One in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour" face. Speaking of which, I managed to score a hole in one on the last hole on the Sea Side Course on the new Mario Golf for the 3DS. I never played the course before, so I'm sure I made a similiar face.

Then it was time to go home.

I bought a Shy Guy.

A very disturbing picture we caught after playing with the filters on the camera.

The last groupshot before we split up!

Shy Guy reflecting back on his life. Very deep.

Then... It was all over.
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Hoo wee. I've spent most of this week catching up on internet stuff, as well as playing some online games with friends. But I managed to draw some drawings!

Zu having some fun with her boyfriend.
Well, in an alternative universe, this is her boyfriend...

Shinobu, from No More Heroes.
A request. I kinda fucked up though, hoahoa. I think you can tell how when you see it!

Concept art for a spiritual sequel to Zu Triple.
I like to call it "Zu's Maid Service". Whenever I get done with my current projects, perhaps this is what I'm doing next. I can never make any plans, because they always seem to get fucked over.

By the way, my codingman gave up on the christmas flash, so I'm kinda beat over that. But I've talked to a guy that might help me out with it instead. It's really sad that he didn't tell me this earlier, because then I coulda asked someone else months ago!! But egh. This year hasn't had a very good start. I haven't done much lately, it feels like.

I'm also going on another playdate on thursday, and I'm coming back on sunday, so don't expect too much of a newspost next sunday, ye?

Oh, and about the Ellie flash, it's really just a short loop with a cumscene, so don't go hoping to much. I thought I'd make something short to get it out quick.
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