This week I will be away for most of the time, as I will not be at home. Obviosuly. That also means no update for a while. Maybe I'll post something next sunday, but we'll see.

So see ya then. Byes!
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During the week I got a few comments on a certain picture.

Like these:
"Requesting extra large Ellie. Would be AMAZING, she's already curvy but like, add even MORE unf to her. Even BIGGER tits and way bigger ass/hips/thighs. IT MUST HAPPEN."
"Hey Rockcandy do you think you'll ever start drawing your characters like this more often (cury and "large")?"
"Man do I love thick girls. It's a proven fact that they fuck better than their skinny counter-parts."

5 comments on one picture in a week is very rare! So I thought I was gonna put my answer and notes here so everybody will see it.

I will probably not do many pictures like these in the future, I think my characters are good like they are! They don't need any modifications!
With that said, Have some Zu with big tits.

And here's a short comic. It's based on a true story!! It also involves tits, hence the newspost title, huhu.

I also posted the latest part of that one Zu story in the forums, for you who don't lurk there.

Don't think there was anything else this week. Hum. still waiting for soundclips for that one flashloop.

Actually, I just remembered I got some video... Thingies, from LeatherIceCream/FlashMasterXD that I forgot to post. So have them!

And with that, I wish you... Good bye? Or something.
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Sorry about the downtime, but I couldn't be helped. huff.

Well, now that we're back, I'll show ya what got done while you were furiously F5ing

Zara, being... Fat or something.
Besped being buttfucked by hermdragons, just like he likes it.

Rock n' Raz!
Well, it was just really one flash, but still...

FlashMasterish fan art!

And with that, I shall leave. For now.
I have tons of things to do.

Ah shit, I almost forgot!!

There are some really great moments in this. My favorites are somewhere in the middle, hoahao.

And this is... Me losing the game contest and stuff. Sigh.
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Why, hello! I bet you were expecting a flash today!

And, I'm gonna give you one! "A Peaceful Race!", made by FlashMasterXD!

Hoahoa! But really, my flash is basically done. I just need some voiceclips and stuff, but the guy with the stuff disappeared for some reason, so I'm just waiting.

Anyway, have some drawings instead!
A drawing I made for a friend of mine! I hope he will like it.
And... A drawing I made while supertired. It's kinda eh, but still good enough to upload, me thought.

None of my three hopes for last week came true... Which is sad.
Oh well, I can live on still. And now, I shall go and... Do something, I think. Maybe continue working on that game and stuff. Huff.
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Hello everybody! Tomorrow is E3! It shall be very interesting to see what will be revealed! The wait is harder the closer it comes... Huff.

I spent all night reading a book, staying up until 6 in the morning. So my sleeping schedule is all messed up... But on the other hand, it was a real good book, hoahoa. It was an early birthday present; I turn 22 on wednesday. Woop for me or something.

I cleaned up a couple of sketches today. I have a few more drawn but not yet scanned and finished.

Zara with a large fleshy thing between her mammaries.
And Ellie, with a large flashy thing also.

Not only that, but... I got a fan animation as well!! Long time since I got one of those!
It almost looks she's getting fucked by the site due to its size...

Well, that was all the content I had for today!
In other news, I am making a short flash loop of a thingything, which you'll see next week, hopefully. Birthday stuffs happened early, so I shouldn't be bothered no more.

So yus, let's hope for an eventful E3, a flashloop for next week & that dBu music's album "The Suite" pops up somewhere soon. I've been looking for it for quite some time...
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Hoo boy, I hope you all enjoyed that last flash! Because I sure did!
Here's that picture at the end of the flash!
It's quite large, so you can use it as a background for your desktop if you want, hoahoa.

Anyway, now that that is over... I have of course started working on other projects that I have! As you may know, I pulled out from Project X for now to focus on my own things. I have a few miscellanious flashes to finish... As well as writing!

But at the moment, I and another guy have been starting up the very very basics of a game. This game will be quite large, I hope, and will take much effort and time to even get working and such. If there are any artists out there who are willing to help out with things like background art, character design or animations do not hesitate to contact me!!

The game will focus mainly of Zu's behind, and the rest of her will also star as the main character. It'll be in top-down style and... I don't want to tell too much about it, as it's only been started up just now. I've been working hard on making the main sprites look decent!

So yeah.

Have this as well:
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This didn't happen as fast as I thought it would, I got some trouble with the dubbing people, but now it's finally done!

"Roliga Saker!", aka "Funny Stuff!" is now finished and uploaded!

Titta på svenska?
Watch in english?

I have been working on this for almost two years, I believe. So it feels great, but even a little empty, to have it completed. This project murdered my Flash many times, almost like a second Onihole. But not as bad. There might be some unavoidable unsync with audio/video near the end, but I uploaded both versions to youtube as well. The links are in the descriptions of the flashes, so just grab them from there if you rather want to watch those.

Now that I have finished this great project, I am going to... Well, start another one, hoahoa. Don't worry, it's porn this time around! More info on that later.

I was gonna upload some sketches I did, but eh. I'm too lazy.
Instead, have some fan art from Switzerland!


So, there's not gonna be an update on sunday, just so you know. It'll be next sunday, myep.

Until then, try find all them hidden "Yo!"s I hid in the flash without cheating!!
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This weekend has been a very great weekend! For me, at least!

That flash I've posted screenshots from the last couple of weeks is finally done! Well, the swedish version at least. I'm still waiting for the english audio to be recorded, so I have to hold back on the release for a couple of days.

So I made some upgrades to the flash that "Roliga Saker", or "Funny Stuff" as it is called in english, is a sequel to!

If you happen to speak swedish, tryck här för att se "Vår Knashumor Extended Version"!

And for the english speaking audience, we recorded a special english dubbed version! Also extended and upgraded of course! Click here to watch "Our Sense of Humor Extended Version"!

I'll post another newspost, or edit this one, when the real flash is ready! It shouldn't take too long, so keep an eye out!

Until then, enjoy... That other flash!
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I am back from the playdate. Well, I've been for some time, but I spent most of the day sleeping and doing lazy things, as both I and Raz have been too tired to do anything of value.

As for the playdate... It was decent. I don't generally like big areas full of people, but at least I got to play some fun games, like Smash Bros, Luigi's Mansion and Mario Kart.

And as for you who wondered, the word "playdate" is a transliteration.
Orignally it is "Spelträff".

Spel = Game, Play.
Träff = Meeting, Date, Hit.

So transliterated it'll become playdate, instead of "gaming meetup" or whatever it would translate into.
We use this humor very often here in sweden.

Anyway, Check out this fan stuff that Goudzilla drew!
It's the only thing I've got for todays update.

The Roliga Saker flash is getting very close to finish. There's only 9 seconds left to animate, but sadly there's some audio desync near the end. I have no idea what causes it, and I've not been able to find a solution. Huff. Really annoying.

I also managed to make a re-recording + english dub of the old "Our Sense of Humor" flash, containing cut audio and extra animation. I'll be releasing it around the same date, or probably a few days before I release Roliga Saker. To "hype it up" or something. Hoahoa.

Anyway, we'll see if I get stuff done this week. See next sunday's update for the conclusion!! Woo!
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The title says it all.

There's only 14 secnods left to animate on the main timeline in the current project that I've been talking about a lot lately, "Roliga Saker".

I do not have anything else to share at the moment! So this'll have to do.

Well, actually, I'm going to another one of those "play-dates" next weekend, so the update will be a tad later than normal. Just a heads up.
Until then, see ya!
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