(yes this is a standard picture I uploaded to everywhere else, I'm too lazy to make an unique one.)

Play Ellie's Exorbitant Extrication!
It's a follow up to Rudolf's Revenge! Many thanks to FallowWing who programmed this project!
I'm hoping this is enough for today's update! Have fun!
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I've tacked off most of the drawings, most notably commissions and requests from my list now. I need some variation, hoahoa, so the rest will have to wait til later.

The site had some down time, so I'm sorry this update is a bit late.
Here are the new drawings:

Girlfriend Sofi, what if Sofi was your girlfriend?
Post-Halloween Problem, Zu's behind is left behind. Will you help or fuck her?
Womb-Pounding Bunny, a commission of this black bunny once again digging into Zu's pussy, this time really deep.
In the Hands of a Crazy Cult, Ellie is used as a virgin sacrifice for a demon summoning.
Atoning for Old Sins, a commissioned follow up to Victim of Opportunity. Will Ellie forgive Aisha?
Superior Evil 2, Lollo taunting Psycho Girl once again.
Breeding Programme 1, as a thanks for helping out with the character bios, I drew this for Miles.
Breeding Programme 2, this is the pregnant version.
Sisters Through and Through, a commission of Zu and Johanna getting attacked by tentacles.

I also have some fanart to show. Well, it's more like commissioned art by Tera that happens to include things I'm involved with, hoahoa, but still!

Trixie Ref, reference sheet made by Obakawaii.
Trixie in the Middle 1, made by Supersatanson.
Trixie in the Middle 2, made by Supersatanson.
Trixie in the Middle 3, made by Supersatanson.
Milked Sixten, Sixten attacked by Tera's amazonian woman, made by BodyAttk.

Neat stuff!

I've been told FallowWing is going to stream some more of the Ellie x Reindeer flash tonight. Bugfixing and making the preloader, I believe. He usually starts around 20:00 swedish time, so in around... One hour and 20 minutes from this news post?
You can watch the stream here!
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If you head over to the Characters Tab, you'll find that I've updated all the character bios as well as added one for Johanna, Zu's younger sister. Since she's a side character, I kept it short.
I'm not completely finshed with all the profile images, so some of the preview images there might see changes later.

It's really been a while since they saw an update, so if you're interested in the lore, do read them!
I and Miles have been working on them for quite some time!

I only managed to finish two drawings for today's update, but they were both in comic format so they took a bit of time to get done.

Time Traveling Wife Theif, The first time I draw something involving pre-death Lollo. And it's quite the ride.
Butt Pregnancy, Sofi never learns that striking deals with demons usually won't turn out in her favor.

I still got around 6 or so drawing projects to finish up, haw. So I predict that most of this week will also be spent finishing all of those up.

And some good news for you who aren't in the discord server; FallowWing, who took up the job of coding the Ellie x Reindeer project, has been streaming the programming process over on picarto.
Here's his picarto.

At this point he's mostly finished. I believe he'll stream today as well, around 20:00. I'm pretty bad with numbers and time zones, so I'm not going to try to convert it, but it's swedish time, so if you're interested, look it up and be there when it starts.
He's quite entertaining.
I believe he said he'd finish up the smaller details today, so yeh... If everything goes as planned, after today there's going to be a lot of playtesting and tweaking. So it's certainly looking good! Might get this out in early december. Which I suppose fits the project, hoahoa. (altough it takes place after christmas, rather than on it... Ooops, was that a spoiler?)

Well then! That was all for today. See ya!
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Unfortunately, the collab Zu flash won't go anywhere for a while, since I'm not getting through at the moment. Which is mildly frustrating, as you could imagine. So, instead, I'm going to see if I can't get some drawings and commissions done the coming week.

For now, I just finished up an early WIP of Sixten, so let me know what you think, ye?
Sixten Undies
Sixten Clothed
Good? Bad?

Also made the rest of Zu's alts here, let me know what you think of them as well.
Winter Zu
Summer Zu
Sailor Zu

I've also updated all the character bios, so I'm going to see that the character tab gets updated later.
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I'm glad to see there's people who are interested in seeing the full scale of my project still. But since flash is dying, the people availible to want to code in it will diminish as well. That's only one of the reasons I kinda want to finish this stuff up and see if I can find something else to work in. What that would be depends on which direction I want to go in when I'm done with my flash projects. But I'll tackle that then. Best to just focus on what's relevant now.

For whatever reason I can't even remember what I've been doing last week.
But, I've worked a bit on tweaking profile images further! Mostly on Zu and Psycho Girl, I'd like some feedback on them! Are they good now?

On Zu, added expressions and adjusted torso.
Nude Zu
Zu Panties
Zu Usual Clothes
Zu Work Outfit
Zu Dress

Psycho Girl, adjusted wrist, hips and legs and blood splatter.
Psycho Girl Nude
Psycho Girl Dressed
Psycho Girl Bloody

Next up on my list would be getting Sixten ready as well, character portrait wise.

I'm going to plan out the Zu collab starting today. When I've reached a conclusion about what to do with it, I'll share it with you all, ye? Good. Then that's all for this update.
also this
Posted 11th of November 2019 - 10:15 by | 6 comments.
Like I predicted, I finished up the deer's facial expressions rather quickly.
I recorded soundeffects tonight, so it's now up to the coder to do his work. Not sure when he'll be able to get to it, but he said he wanted to stream the process. I'll make sure it's posted in our discord server once he does.
There will probably be some time spent on tweaking timings and looking for bugs as well, but we'll take that when we get there.

I don't really have anything else to say. I gotta write some instructions for the guy, but other than that, I don't have any real plans on what to do in the meantime.

If I can get ahold of Meriyel, maybe we can start planning out that ol' Zu collab... That might be a good way to continue.
As for the horse project, I'll probably have do downscale what I wanted it to be a little, hoahoa. Since flash is gonna get killed soon. But I'll definitely finish up the parts I've got and make the Zu&Jo part. Tough decisions await, blegh.
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Gotta wish you all an early happy halloween! Don't have any plans on doing anything special, myself.

Here are the remaining drawings!
Of course I forgot to upload this one last week.
Glorious Work, It's Ellie having fun in a glory hole box!
Big Dick Virus, Zu and Zoo fall victim to the big victim virus. It's like a zombie virus but with huge dicks instead. And Ellie happens to be immune.
Sad Rimming, in which Ellie gives a rimjob.
Ransom Video #6, Oh no, Ellie's been kidnapped!
For Your Pleasure, A Zu butt for you!
Priorities, Zu gets raped again, but with a twist.

Hope you like 'em! I got quite exhausted of drawing all of them in a row.

I'm back to working on the Ellie x Reindeer flash. I'm around 40% done with the reindeer facial expressions, so they go by rather quick even if I have to deal with how autistic flash can be sometimes. By 40% I mean I'm done with 4 out of 9 reindeer. I don't know if the math checks out, but I was never too good at that anyway. If I'm a good boy I might finish them all up by Halloween. That's what I'm aiming for at least. Once that's done, I'm done with pretty much all the art assets. Other than some buttons or shit that'll be added in when coding starts, I guess. But ye, feels good getting there!
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I sure hope it won't act up again. Getting tired of this shit.
Well, time to post an update now. Whenever I miss a sunday due to site being down I always feel like procastinating til the next one. And now here we are. What's been going on since the last update? I'll tell ya.

First, I've finished up story art, menues and the other little details I needed to do for the flash. Which feels great! All that's left art-wise is the deer faces. I was going to write I need to wait for the VA to record his lines last week, but I got them during this week, so that's not an issue anymore! And I'll return to finish them up once I'm done catching up on my drawings backlog.
Gotta record & scavenge the interwebs some SFX n' shit too, but that shouldn't be too difficult. I've also hired a person to make a good tune for the project! Thanks to you people who support my (very neglected) patreon!
I feel bad for not posting there a lot, but... I can't really post of my stuff on there. Geh.

Secondly, let me post all the commissions, requests and drawings I've finished so far!

Amazonian Cum Storage, Sofi gets a new job. Of sorts. or something.
Double Possession Trouble, Commissioner's character Misty and Lollo team up to frame Sixten for rape against Lucy, another of the commissioner's character.
Mina Meets Mischevious Monsters, Commission from Omegalife. His character Mina Zue gets attacked by some winged and wanged monsters.
Superior Evil, commission of Lollo taunting Psycho Girl after possessing her.
New Bimbo Ready to Serve, A comment on the "Flower Girl Deflowering" by Noramil inspired this drawing. I hope you're happy.
Long Haired Ghost Parody, The only Spooktober request I got. I've not watched the movie where this ghost appears from, but Ellie gets tangled up in the hair of it and is promptly dicked.
TV Butt, I had this idea after drawing it, so I made this like a little follow-up.

There will be a few more by next week! Most feature Ellie. So if you're a fan of her, you'll be glad.

I've mostly finished up the Lollo profile images. I plan on adding some addition information on them from her bio, to not make them so separate. I just gotta get 'em proofread and stuff first. But here's what the new stuff looks like so far!
Lollo Alive Nude
Lollo Alive Undies
Lollo Alive Casual Clothing
Lollo Alive Hiking Outfit

The Sofi and Psycho Girl images will be worked on later as well.
I'm also going to edit the Zu one slightly since I made her torso a bit too tall. It's a thing I noticed I did pretty much always, so I've been working on making torsos shorter in general when I draw things. But you'll see those when I get to 'em.

To finish off this update, how about some fan art?
First one's from HeavenFlower!
Full Nelson Psycho Girl
The rest are made by Lola!
Big Mama Maryin
Age of Zara
Two Lo's One Room

Thanks a lot, I appreciate 'em very much!

If everything goes well, I should have finished up the remaining drawings on my backlog by next week and began working on the facial expressions for the deer. See you then!
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I'm working on the story artwork in the Ellie flash right now. Since it's just bonus content, I don't want to put too much time and effort into it. But that leads to me not being very happy with the results and becoming reluctant to work on it instead. It's like an evil circle... Blarf.

So while I've been making mini-steps of progress on that, I spent the remaining time making progress on the character art. While I'm happy with some, others I might feel there are issues with. So if you'd like to help me out with some feedback, I'd appreciate it.

Here's the latest versions of the relevant characters:

Sofi Nude
Sofi Partly Clothed
Sofi Clothed

To respond to what Ano Von Einmous commented on the previous news post; Sofi doesn't hate her own breasts or have any sort of breast envy, she just hates to be reminded of their intended biological function. She's always been flat chested anyhow, but there's still a little bit of chest there.

I'm considering Sofi mostly done so far, although I feel like putting the hat on her makes her eyes look really big. Is it something I should worry about?

Next, Lollo:
Lollo Nude
Lollo Ghost Form
Lollo Clothed (and with normal skincolor)

These are still WIPs, so some things are still up to change a little. But I consider them mostly solid. Bit worried about how the bra turned out, otherwise generally happy with the results. Would like to hear your thoughts on Lollo too.

Psycho Girl:
Nude Psycho Girl
Partly Clothed Psycho Girl
Fully Clothed Psycho Girl

These are versions from various states of development. I'm not as confident in the look here, and I will go in and edit things til they look just right. It's mostly the area from below the chest that has me worried.

I'll leave you with these for now, we shall see if I can manage to improve them until next update!
Posted 7th of October 2019 - 04:01 by | 7 comments.
Entering spooky month shortly! Won't have any time to do anything superfancy in time for Halloween, though. I'm already busy trying to finish up other projects!
I'm finally done with Ellie's various facial animations in the Ellie project. Other than coding, that leaves... Story- and menu/UI art, SFX and some basic facial animations for the dudes. I haven't gotten the voices for them yet, but I will soon. So when all those things are done, I can try to nag at my collaborator to code it, hoahoa. I don't want to spend a lot of time on these things since I just want things done and I'm pretty satisfied with the main animations, even though it's really short in length.

Once I'm done with that, I'll probably have to take a week or two to work on commissions or something, since I haven't received any assistance from my country yet. Surprising, I know.
Fortunately, I've got a helpful bunch of friends getting me through these times.

One commission that I did finish a while ago is this:
Not the bees, they're in my tits, can't say it's my thing, but I found it intriguing enough to draw.

I've also sketched up new images for Sofi and Lollo.
I've gotten further on Sofi than Lollo, but I'd like to get some feedback on both of them!

Pretty good so far? Or what do you say?
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