I dug really deep into old recordings and my messed up mind to come up with this. It's a mix of Rock n' Raz and a very old flash project that was planned a long time ago but was never made. And it was probably for the best, since this is much more entertaining than the original script.

Subtitles on youtube for non-swedes! (A few graphical glitches due to converting program being a butt)
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I turned my sadness into some sort of creativity and came out with this. It's the longest Rock n' Raz to date with 3 minutes in length.

Subtitles for you non-swedes:
Rock n' Raz 8 on youtube

I also forgot one of the Yo!'s in the video, if you're watching that. There's actually 7 of them, not 6. So the full list is in the flash, but not the video.
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I actually planned on doing this after the Lollo flash was finished, but since I can't work on it, might as well do this.
So enjoy the nonsense! I've added subtitles on youtube:

Rock n' Raz 7 on youtube!
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Wow! I made this for my birthday, pretty much... There's subtitles for you english people on youtube: Rock n' Raz 6 on youtube!
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These just keep getting weirder and weirder, huh? Running out of english voiceclips, so this is mostly in swedish. It's probably just as understandable even if you don't know the language, tho.
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The old usual stuff. This time with horrible memories, or something.
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A silly little animation based on a fancomic made by our beloved scapegoat Shrapnel.
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A lovely "sequel" to Runkimute. This also happened IRL, minus my friends playing the roles of those three kids. It's pretty much an inside joke flash, so yeah. It's just a short laugh for us. But who knows, maybe you'll find it amusing too!
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I don't have anything in particular to say about this. All you need to know is that I was very tired when I made this.
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A flash with a long history! Kind of. It started out as a schoolproject, that never got very far. It was the shittiest thing ever, but one day Raz decided that I should make a new version. So we recorded some voices and made this shit in like a week, before I had to stop and try to find someone to make the music. After a very long time, I got a piece of music and made the rest in about 3 days. And now it is finally done! Took me a few years, hoahoa.

You'll have to excuse the buttsex scenes, I got a little carried away...
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