A loop made waiting for voiceactress for the upcoming Lollo flash.
Zara getting dicked in the ass, by some demon!
Uploaded 12th of November 2017 - 17:09 | 140049 views | Rating: 3.68 | 14 comments.
A short loop of Ellie getting buttfucked I cooked up real quick. Yeah, her boobs bounce a bit too much, but I didn't use any reference and I just wanted to get this done, hoahoa. Take it for what it is, I suppose!
Uploaded 7th of October 2017 - 05:43 | 123296 views | Rating: 3.58 | 20 comments.
A short loop commission I made. I don't usually do commissions, but I kinda promised this one guy this three years ago or something, so now it's finally done and over with, hoahoa!
Uploaded 5th of September 2017 - 12:19 | 113132 views | Rating: 3.32 | 18 comments.
A short little flash I made for this guy. It helped me to get out of that slump I was in at the beginning of the year. This year has been kinda worst for me, in general... But enough about that.

I don't know a lot about peacock, but ey. This was somewhat fun to make. Felt like the old days, hee hee. I even got a really great voiceactress, Rollu, to do the voice here! So hopefully it'll be enjoyable even though it's really short!
Uploaded 23rd of May 2016 - 14:39 | 179249 views | Rating: 4.09 | 16 comments.
Halloween flash of 2015! I didn't get voices in time, so I just kept it all without sound. I might update it later with sounds, if I ever get 'em!

Anyway, I made a sequel to A Blonde in the Dark, as the title suggests. I tried to work further with the story parts in the flash, so my focus might've been more on that rather than on sexy stuff. It's a fun little thing though, ya can play through most of it without being all too bothered with the story if you wish to. But for those who are, there's a bit more to discover, perhaps!

Happy spooksday!
Uploaded 31st of October 2015 - 19:43 | 231747 views | Rating: 3.72 | 65 comments.
A loop of Sofi doin' some buttfucking! I borrowed a sketch from KingHime to make this, hence the unusual positioning. I also added in the old Sofi Sucks loop with slight graphic changes.

So it becomes a little story! A very short story, but still.
Uploaded 11th of May 2015 - 00:39 | 291476 views | Rating: 3.88 | 22 comments.
My trade with GBlastMan. It's an unique piece, with some themes that I don't usually work with and probably wont work with in the future again. I simply have other preferences, but it was interesting!

Enjoy Vivi, a character of GBlastMan! I wasn't given much information about her, but I guess what matters is that she gets fucked! Hoahoa!

I do believe that there's one Yo! hiding in this flash. It's not easy to put those in in one-scene flashes, I tell ya.
Uploaded 3rd of March 2015 - 00:51 | 397502 views | Rating: 4.39 | 104 comments.
A little project I finished in 3 days or so. It's nothing special, yet kind of special.
I made it for my friend Daniel, who's lovely robot girl is featured in this. I don't think it has a name yet, but... Whatever. It's a pretty cool thing!
Uploaded 22nd of February 2015 - 23:03 | 284299 views | Rating: 3.52 | 62 comments.
At the final day of Scary Porn Month, I release a flash!
A very basic one though. No sounds or music this time around, sadly. It's a bit like my very first flashes. Short n' simple, but I kind of split it up in two parts this time. So you might have some fun with that!
Uploaded 31st of October 2014 - 20:56 | 333920 views | Rating: 4.22 | 39 comments.
Like a newborn baby, after 9 months this flash is finally finished and squeezed out. It's been a long, trying time, but with lots of help and effort we made it at last.

It's one of my most complicated flashes to date, yet I started out thinking it would be simple. How wrong I was! Hopefully there's a lot of replayvalue to it, so you can fap again and again. It's got a lot of content for being made by me.

Have fun and enjoy your faps. That's all I can say!
Uploaded 12th of September 2014 - 18:24 | 781143 views | Rating: 4.32 | 224 comments.