A short little flash I made for this guy. It helped me to get out of that slump I was in at the beginning of the year. This year has been kinda worst for me, in general... But enough about that.

I don't know a lot about peacock, but ey. This was somewhat fun to make. Felt like the old days, hee hee. I even got a really great voiceactress, Rollu, to do the voice here! So hopefully it'll be enjoyable even though it's really short!
Uploaded 23rd of May 2016 - 14:39 | 104100 views | Rating: 0 | 13 comments.
Halloween flash of 2015! I didn't get voices in time, so I just kept it all without sound. I might update it later with sounds, if I ever get 'em!

Anyway, I made a sequel to A Blonde in the Dark, as the title suggests. I tried to work further with the story parts in the flash, so my focus might've been more on that rather than on sexy stuff. It's a fun little thing though, ya can play through most of it without being all too bothered with the story if you wish to. But for those who are, there's a bit more to discover, perhaps!

Happy spooksday!
Uploaded 31st of October 2015 - 19:43 | 158327 views | Rating: 0 | 61 comments.
A loop of Sofi doin' some buttfucking! I borrowed a sketch from KingHime to make this, hence the unusual positioning. I also added in the old Sofi Sucks loop with slight graphic changes.

So it becomes a little story! A very short story, but still.
Uploaded 11th of May 2015 - 00:39 | 224378 views | Rating: 0 | 20 comments.
My trade with GBlastMan. It's an unique piece, with some themes that I don't usually work with and probably wont work with in the future again. I simply have other preferences, but it was interesting!

Enjoy Vivi, a character of GBlastMan! I wasn't given much information about her, but I guess what matters is that she gets fucked! Hoahoa!

I do believe that there's one Yo! hiding in this flash. It's not easy to put those in in one-scene flashes, I tell ya.
Uploaded 3rd of March 2015 - 00:51 | 304793 views | Rating: 0 | 99 comments.
A little project I finished in 3 days or so. It's nothing special, yet kind of special.
I made it for my friend Daniel, who's lovely robot girl is featured in this. I don't think it has a name yet, but... Whatever. It's a pretty cool thing!
Uploaded 22nd of February 2015 - 23:03 | 226107 views | Rating: 0 | 57 comments.
At the final day of Scary Porn Month, I release a flash!
A very basic one though. No sounds or music this time around, sadly. It's a bit like my very first flashes. Short n' simple, but I kind of split it up in two parts this time. So you might have some fun with that!
Uploaded 31st of October 2014 - 20:56 | 271339 views | Rating: 0 | 38 comments.
Like a newborn baby, after 9 months this flash is finally finished and squeezed out. It's been a long, trying time, but with lots of help and effort we made it at last.

It's one of my most complicated flashes to date, yet I started out thinking it would be simple. How wrong I was! Hopefully there's a lot of replayvalue to it, so you can fap again and again. It's got a lot of content for being made by me.

Have fun and enjoy your faps. That's all I can say!
Uploaded 12th of September 2014 - 18:24 | 587428 views | Rating: 0 | 203 comments.
The flash for Jabajay, who found the hidden Yo! in the "Ellie Tentacles" flash loop. I had to work my butt off on this to get it done in time, and I barely did it, with a lot of help from Mittsies. Mittsies the best, I tell ya! Anyway, this is pretty short, but I hope it is watchable. It got kind of large, so I hope it wont lag a lot. Otherwise, just right click and lower the quality.

Every flash artist has to make a flash with Peach at some point, and this is my attempt! Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is a great game, go play it if ya haven't!
Uploaded 6th of July 2014 - 01:25 | 246205 views | Rating: 0 | 24 comments.
Hoof, I wish I coulda done more with this. But it was a real pain to work with, I kind of overestimated what I could do, and it turned out to be very complicated and not very fun in the end... And it wound up clogging my workflow because of it! So I decided to just let it be like it is, and move on to the next project! Enjoy this for what it is!

Congratulations to Jabajay who found the hidden Yo! first.
Uploaded 12th of May 2014 - 00:29 | 216472 views | Rating: 0 | 28 comments.
Something I've been working on for a while. It's a bit experimental, so... Yeah! Just watch it and it'll make sense!

Scene viewer here!
Uploaded 24th of February 2014 - 21:34 | 255939 views | Rating: 0 | 28 comments.