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Latest news
Here's a drawing!
Zealous Zuccubus, Beleth turns Zu into a succubus!

While I recieved almost all of the edited voice clips I was waiting for, it turns out there was a dozen or so missing. Drat. Gotta wait for 'em to get back to me. Also, I had to ask Sofi's VA to record some more noises for a specific thing, since the current ones makes things look real weird for technical reasons. So I'm waiting for those to arrive so I can have the sound guy look over them. Pleh, sometimes it is the most unexpected things that set you back.

Well, it's not all bad since during that waiting time, we've implemented some features that was originally put on hold.
Much hype features like earring chain physics!

And the re-implementation of crying!

And yes, you're able to turn them off if you so wish to.

I'd show off a video, since it's kinda hard to make out from still pictures, but... There are still some bugs and tweaks we need to do before I want to record stuff.

I also got a guy working on hacking in html5 support for rc.se, so that the game can actually be uploaded here on the site.

So things are still looking positive!
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