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Zoo-Phobia is a remake of Zoo-Philia. I based the animations on the old ones in Zoo-Philia. But there's more to it this time. Most of the options are still availible, like hair color and clothes on and off. The only thing that did not return is the skincolor option, but I feel that that's not really relevant at this point. Her character is pretty much set now, so it'd feel weird to just change it on a whim.

I'll tell you though, making sure the shirt stays on and off consistent as an option was a lot of work. I am pretty proud of how it turned out though, so be sure to pay attention to that!

Since VA got delayed for so long and I decided to look for a new one instead, I slapped a blindfold and gag on her real quick, so you don't have a completely stonefaced expression staring at you. It was kind of unnerving, but this worked much better and I felt like I could release it in this state. I've also already found a replacement and she's done a real good job. I expect to get some more recordings next week and I can probably get to making the facial expressions.

People on my patron who's in the Ellie tier already played this for a while, along with the near finished Lollo project, now named Spectacular Spectrophilia. While that project is pretty much finished, it won't be released for everyone until I've had a sound guy level out the audio; many of the voiceclips are recorded with different mics and thus have different quality to them. A lot of them get drowned out in the music, while others are loud and clear and that's something I want fixed. When that's done and it's confirmed that replacing the voiceclips doesn't break anything in the flash, that will be released too. So November is looking great for us so far.

Enough about the flashes though. I finished a lot of drawings last week, ya? I hope they were appreciated. I kind of burned myself out on drawing, so I definitely need a break from that... But I did receive some fanart as part of an art trade!

Lollo Buttfucking Nath!
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