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Latest news
Here's a drawing!
Mouth Butt 2; I remade that old picture... But I don't know if it came out any better.

And as I promised last time, here's a screenshot of the Zu&Jo part!

What do you think?

I've been working on lipsyncing this week, with Fallow's new lipsync program. It's looking surprisingly good, even though it's not as smooth as doing it all by hand. But of course, we're getting a lot more done much faster, this way. I tried streaming it, but the debug version is rather taxing on my computer, so I can't really stream it without massive frame drops. Which makes it super difficult to time phonemes. Unfortunate, but I'm making progress!

Right now, I'm hunting for a VA for Zu. She needs a pretty specific type of voice and acting... Finding a good one is very difficult.
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