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Latest news
What a week it was. So many people came and we had a great time. I'd show some pictures, but I'm way too tired now. Didn't get much sleep while staying there, heh. But if you looked at my twitter, you've got a glimpse of what went down, I think.

Anyway, I should be pretty much free from IRL stuff now. It's going to be nice to come back to flash again, haw haw. My new plan for the horse project is the following:
1. Finish Sofi's part.
2. Get voices for Sofi and Ellie.
3. Remake Zu & Zeta's part to make the animation more fluid and lively and coding process a lot simpler.
4. Get voices for Zu and Zeta.
5. Make/Get soundeffects for all the parts.
6. Have somebody who's not busy code it all together in a clever way.
7. Release Flash.
8. Feel depressed and anxious because people might find bugs or not like it.
9. Cry self to sleep.
10. Begin work on Ellie's bonus scene.

I've actually started to sketch up the bonus scene for Ellie today, since I needed a little reminder of how Flash worked after a month of not using it.
Keep in mind that this is a sketch, and I'd like feedback on it. This isn't the final version by far, and I'll most likely do it last. I guess this also makes the art contest or whatever I should call it is off too. I'm using a drawing made by a guy called "countmoxi", which I found simple and straighforward but also attractive for the purpose.

Before I left, I finished a set of drawings I made for a discord server I recently joined. They were all very eager when they heard of Zu's baby problem, so I thought it was amusing enough to draw them each a scene with her. Here they all are:
Skeptical but Curious
Zu & Vlad
Zu & Jayce
Zu & Malik
Zu & Kenko
Zu & Tsujimura
Zu & Mikey D.
Zu & Alastor
Zu & Saeem
Zu & Tsal
Zu & Epsi
The Baby
As you can see, it goes from normal people to more fantasy type characters. I made it this way since they're all supposed to bang her one after another, so she's not going to feel all loose when the next person takes his turn.

I also made a few silly drawings while I was at Riddarveckan, so here are those!
Draco Centauros from Puyo Puyo & Tetris.
Lia Mikelad, a character which my friend T_4 made up on the spot.
Biff Atlas fucks Lia. Can't have her be a buttvirgin for more than an hour since her creation, hoahoa.

Well, I think that's all I have for you tonight. Sorry I'm one day late, but I was pretty exhausted yesterday.
I wanna hear what you guys think about the stuff I've showed and told you about though. I'm always happy to get feedback.
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