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Oh dear, am I tired today. I've been sketching a bunch, but I did not get so far with any of them that I'd start to clean them up. It sucks. So I don't have much to show off this week. I did however make a good amount of progress made flashwise! Next week I'll probably finish up one major part of the project, which will feel nice. Then I'll only have the rest left to do, haw haw... :c

Well, it's fun at least. It's always easier to work when you're having fun! So I'll try to have fun with the rest of it, too!

Also since Ellie's main profile pictures are done, I started to sketch on a new Sixten again. Here's some very basics: WIP Sixten
Is he looking good? Bad? Is too early to tell? Any feedback would be nice, anyhow.

By the way, I also got Psycho Girl's new bio up and readable on the site, so shake dat out if you're interested in her!
Psycho Girl's updated bio

Mye. I think I'm gonna head to bed and try to get some sleep in. I've been having some real weird dreams lately that have made me feel odd in the mornings. I don't know why. See ya next sunday!
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