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Latest news
I kinda wanted to make some spooky drawings, but... none really turned out all that spooky? Maybe it's because they're not classical spooky? Whatever, I tried at least.

Here are three drawings that I finished.
Little Zu Gangbang, young Zu gets gangbanged.
Saki Buttfucks Ran, pretty much what it sounds like.
Stranger in the Night, Zu and Ellie's hotel room is broken into during the night...
More to come next sunday.

I also finished up Malin, Sixten's older sister. I'll have to write a thing for her at some point... But she's not as an important character like Johanna, so hers is gonna be rather short. Anyway, here she is!

Malin Nude
Malin Clothed

Let me know what you think, ye?
I'm gonna go take a shower and then slink into bed, so see ya next week.
Posted 26th of October 2020 - 06:38 by | 7 comments.