Yo! Welcome to Rockcandy.se! Here you'll find various things I've made over the years! There's a focus on analsex around here, but there's some other stuff as well if ya look around a bit! Even stuff that isn't porn! If you're new and curious, please check out the About Page for more information. Otherwise, go ahead and browse and leave a comment wherever you please. I try to update the site every Sunday night. Sometimes I'll post things at any time at Twitter, so check that out. It'll also be updated if the site is down or there's a stream about to start! Ya, that's right, we stream games sometimes. Not often, but it happens. Enjoy the butts!
Latest news
I drew a new head for Zara's profile image. I've been bothered by it for a while, so I decided to redraw it from scratch. This results I'm much more satisfied with: Zara's new head!

I'm going to make some improvements to other characters too. I also feel the need to redo Zu's profile image from scratch, 'cause I really want to show her from the front instead. The issue now is to come up with a good enough pose for her, haw haw. Not as easy as it sounds!

Zu's being taken as a slave again, this time by a merciless kinky kitty. With a dick and huge tits. I wanted to finish some drawings today, but I just wound up making more sketches instead. I really need to finish some of them up, I've made myself a rather large backlog...

And uh, flash is going fine. Guess I have to mention that as well. It's a little tricky at times, but I'll sort it through. I wonder if I can finish it by the end of the year at this point though. The harddrive failure set me back further than I thought. Or I just overestimated how quick I thought this would go.

By the way, I and Raz might stream at some point tomorrow. Not entirely sure, since Raz wont give me a straight answer, but if we end up doing so, our place for streaming is at Hitbox, RocknRaz. I suppose I'll be typing up a tweet right before we start, so be on the lookout for that too. We'll be playing Paper Mario Color Splash. Yeh...
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