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Latest news
Been doing a bit of everything this week. At the same time as I'm working on smoothing out Zu's animations, I've also been tinkering with the Sofi part a bit. Trying to make improvements to it and such. I and Fallow are going to rework how her facial expressions and such work completely, pretty much. So that also means I got a new chance to write new voice lines for Sofi! It's harder than I expected to come up with stuff that doesn't sound all wrong when spoken out loud. Hoahoa.

I finished a drawing commission this week as well.
The Final Nut, Psycho Girl attacks dickgirl Ellie.

My to-draw list has grown really long again, and I doubt I'll get 'em all done in december. If I don't sacrifice all the time I've got to 'em, and I don't want that... So a lot of stuff is probably going to have spill over into next year.
If you don't know, I sometimes post a little poll on discord where users can vote on what they want the next piece to be, until there's nothing left to draw. I plan on doing that again, soon. It's usually fun.

I also finished up Simon. If you forgot, it's the guy that bullied Zu during her later school years. But in "current day", where the other characters are right now.
Simon Nude
Simon Dressed

Got a bunch of fan art n' stuff this week as well! Check 'em out!

First off, JhonBoi's part of our art trade!
Zu Does A Funny 1
Zu Does A Funny 2
Zu Does A Funny 3

Then, a Sofi from CrimellGrim!
Sofi Cuminflated

More Sofi from Jessie Kat Cat!
Sofi Fan Art

And a silly thing that hime made:
Johanna Thanksgiving

Thanks plenty, all of you!

I'm going continue with the Zu & Jo part now! See ya next update.
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