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Latest news
Shrap's gone home and I've had my wisdom tooth removed. Now back to regular schedule, I suppose!
Had a great time with Shrap, other than some excessive snoring during the nights.
People and the nurses told me I'd be in great pain after removing the tooth, but I've barely felt any pain at all. I don't know if I'm just lucky or have a high pain treshold or something, I've mostly been chilling the recent couple of days because of the threat of pain rather than being in pain. But well, since it doesn't seem like it'll start hurt anytime soon, I guess it's time to go back to doing the porn stuff again.

So what do I got for today's update? Not much, since I've not been that active, but there are still some things!
Let's start off with a drawing I finished recently!

Ruby on the Beach, a request from Ruby.

Next, some fan art!

First two are commissioned from egg!
Lollo undressing Zu
Chrysophylux dicks Sofi

This batch comes from Shrap. He made them while he was over here, so I had the opportunity to oversee and guide him a bit on these.
Plague Sofi
Wendy's Sofi
Hentai Ellie and Sofi
Shrap's Crapsterpiece

What about news regarding the Zu&Jo part?
The new animations I made for the dog are a big improvement. Still some kinks I gotta iron out though. I also gotta improve some of the ball-tensing animations, 'cause they just wound up looking really... goofy.

Currently I'm working on expression groups and soon lipsync, since I've finally gotten all voice clips sorted out for both Zu and Jo.
The editor is currently a bit broken though, so I'm gonna do some drawing until that's sorted out.

Finally, I'll share some crude screenshots I took of the tattoos that I asked you all to provide a while ago.
I decided to redraw them all in flash by tracing, instead of having the bitmap itself embedded into the project. It'll look less grainy and crusty when they get deformed.
So here comes a bunch of screenshots! They don't currently work in game, so I spammed screenshot on the mega-flickering non-functional mess that happens when you render the swf. Hence why things might look really weird; everything happens at once - but you can still get a good idea of what to expect.

Since expressions aren't programmed in yet in game either, these are all expressions that occur when the animations all just play in order - you'll probably not see these exact combinations in game later.
You also cannot do double penetration, even if it looks like it here.
Since I've stared at the neutral faces of them for so long while working on this, looking at these screenshots with vastly different expressions makes me feel very excited. It's gonna be great when it's finally working!
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