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Latest news
I have now finished up all of the graphical stuff in Sofi's part... I think. After everything has been coded together and properly tested, I think you all will enjoy the changes made to it. It took some time, sure, but I hope it has been worth it.
Next up, I'm going to continue with the Zu&Jo part. There's quite a lot of details to be added in their part too, but I'm going to stream a lot of it, so if you're interested, check me out on Picarto.

I was hoping to get a drawing done today, but I got stuck in the sketching phase... Trying to draw a pig, which isn't easy, as it turned out. But, I've got some fan art to share instead. Both relating to Sofi and Beleth!

Birthday Girl Dickings, belated birthday drawings for Sofi! Drawn by SlimeDrippy!
Belofi, something really funny drawn by CaioDeBoca!

Sofi has been on a real fan art streak lately... Most popular character, perhaps? Hm.
At some point, it would be fun to do some sort of all encompassing poll to find out, but it might be difficult to put together, hoahoa.
Well, I'm off for today, see you next time!
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